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  • Services have associated Service Types
  • Each one of them is a string like type/subtype
  • They always go together, even when not all information is available
  • Example: you only want messages, then provide message/*


  • Responsible for connecting to a Service on behalf of a User
  • One Connector can provide many Service types
  • Has to deal with Service API limitations internally and never expose this to its clients
  • Every retrieved item from a Service is persisted to the datastore (edits and deletes handled like suggested in TLP wiki)
  • Has a well-defined API. Connectors must implement pull and push (Sync API). If they are Realtime, they should be an EventEmitter and expose start and stop:



  • Collections aggregate data from different Connectors and expose a query interface to the underlying datastore
  • Collections must implement get (with an option through which more complex queries can be sent)


  • Apps leverage Collections, and eventually Connectors to work with a User's data
  • Can have settings, such as the port where it will be run on


  • Users are the actual clients of the Apps, who provide credentials programatically or via a GUI. Most Apps require authentication credentials (and, in turn, Connectors) - but not all.
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