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### A Futon-like web interface for Riak
-(Well, this is actually not yet true).
-Right now functionality is (shamefully) very basic, it's just something I hacked to help me with my Riak-based projects. But this works as a placeholder - I'm looking forward to see tons of forks and pull requests :)
+Well, this is actually not yet true. Help me out if you want to see this improve faster - i am currently accepting pull requests :)
#### Features so far
- Display contents of bucket
- - Display contents of document on click (at the bottom of the page)
- - Remove documents
+ - Display contents of document on click
+ - Edit contents of the document (json.object)
+ - Delete individual documents or all docs of a bucket
#### Usage
git clone you-know-the-rest
- ./
+ ./ *
You can run `./` for continuous updates / development - you'll need Ruby and the `bind` gem.

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