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This is no more than a classpath container for Eclipse.

You just add it to your project and it will automatically include all dependencies under SBT's lib_managed.

  • Download the first release from the dist folder (click on the jar and then View Raw)
  • Drop it into your plugins Eclipse directory and restart
  • Right-click on the project -> Build path -> Add libraries...
  • Click on SBT Eclipse Classpath Container and Finish

Now all your SBT-managed dependencies are included in your project's build path.

Important note

If and only if you have trouble compiling, you will have to manually change the order of classpath inclusion. For this right-click project -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Order and Export, and move SBT Dependency Library up - it needs to be listed before Scala libraries and the JRE.

Also, if you issue the sbt update action, then you need to refresh (F5) your project to take the changes into account.

Other issues

I only tested it with Eclipse 3.4 on Linux with Scala 2.7.5-final, and Eclipse 3.5 on Mac OS X with Scala 2.7.5-final. Please don't hesitate to contact me at francisco dot treacy at gmail.

To be done

  • Find how to programmatically move it up to avoid conflicts with Scala/JRE (according to people's feedback/ different environments)
  • Hide the lib_managed folder
  • Possibly ping for changes and refresh automatically
  • Set up an update site if there is enough interest