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NodeJS Lambda Function to generate set of urls from mysql
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Serverless Lambda NodeJS Sitemap generator function

Use case

  • connect to mysql to fetch dynamic urls
  • generate sitemaps in batches of 10000 urls
  • generate sitemapindex linking all sitemaps
  • gz compression and upload to s3
  • ping google for sitemap update
  • requires nodejs 8+ for async/await

The handler.sitemap function handles connections directly to the database to extract all usernames for which urls should be added to the sitemap. Next it generates a sitemap, batched into files of 10000 urls, compresses this and uploades it to the s3 bucket provided in the event configuration. Finally it pings google to say a new sitemap was generated for this website.

Event parameters:

  • site_url - Url of the website the sitemap is generated for eg:
  • sitemap_bucket - S3 Bucket to which the sitemap is uploaded eg: mys3bucket
  • base_path - base url eg: / or /username/

Setup using serverless and AWS

  1. npm install -g serverless
  2. npm install
  3. name your service and select region in serverless.yml
  4. serverless deploy to create your stack (you may need to configure your aws access key and secret)

to deploy only the function to aws (quicker): serverless deploy -f sitemap

More on the setup on AWS using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Since i want to connect to a rds database, which is in a VPC, i setup the lambda inside the same vpc. The VPC was already setup with a internet facing (igw) subnet so now i was able to talk to rds, but not to ping google as the vpc has no internet access yet.

To allow your VPC internet access create a NAT Gateway with the internet facing subnet and a new Elastic IP. Then add a new private subnet (for each region) pointing to the nat gateway. This private subnet is what you select in your lambda function and you can connect to services inside your VPC and talk connect to the internet, google in this example :)


inspired by and changed to get data from mysql and leverage async await


mysql nodejs lambda function async await node8

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