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Different number of items on the first page

Sometimes you might want to show on the first page a different number of items than on subsequent pages (e.g. in a movie detail page you want to show 4 images of the movie as a reminder, making the user click to see the next 20 images). To achieve this, use the :ref:`templatetags-paginate` or :ref:`templatetags-lazy-paginate` tags with comma separated first page and per page arguments, e.g.:

{% load endless %}

{% lazy_paginate 4,20 entries %}
{% for entry in entries %}
    {# your code to show the entry #}
{% endfor %}
{% show_more %}

This code will display 4 entries on the first page and 20 entries on the other pages.

Of course the first page and per page arguments can be passed as template variables, e.g.:

{% lazy_paginate first_page,per_page entries %}