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Bootstrapping Codechain

Install Go


Download cctreehash.go

From and verify its SHA-256:

$ sha256sum cctreehash.go
6a911b51cc047eea7d7b10c75cf1f50a98dea2a39e12ef3414d2f00f31a263f9 cctreehash.go

Sources of the cctreehash.go SHA-256 hash:

Review the code of cctreehash.go

If you can, this is optional.

Download Codechain bootstrap

From and execute:

$ tar -xvf codechain-bootstrap.tar.gz
$ cd codechain-bootstrap
$ go run ../cctreehash.go

The tree hash computed by cctreehash.go must match the published one. This makes sure you have the correct Codechain bootstrap source.

Sources of the codechain-bootrap tree hash:

Use the bootstrapped Codechain to install the most current Codechain version

$ go run cmd/secpkg/secpkg.go install .secpkg

Afterwards codechain and secpkg are installed in ~/.config/secpkg/local/bin. You should add that directory to your $PATH variable and delete the codechain-bootstrap directory.

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