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import logging
import sqlite3
import time
from flask import Flask, request, g
logging.basicConfig(filename='bartdb.log', level=logging.INFO)
DATABASE = 'bart.db'
app = Flask(__name__)
def connect_to_database():
return sqlite3.connect(app.config['DATABASE'])
def get_db():
db = getattr(g, 'db', None)
if db is None:
db = g.db = connect_to_database()
return db
def close_connection(exception):
db = getattr(g, 'db', None)
if db is not None:
def execute_query(query, args=()):
cur = get_db().execute(query, args)
rows = cur.fetchall()
return rows
def viewdb():
return '<br>'.join(str(row) for row in execute_query(
FROM etd
LIMIT 1000"""
def view_schema():
return '<br>'.join(str(row) for row in execute_query(
"""pragma table_info('etd')"""
def print_data():
"""Respond to a query of the format:
with ETD data for the time and location specified in the query"""
start_time = time.time()
cur = get_db().cursor()
minute_of_day = int(request.args.get('time'))
except ValueError:
return "Time must be an integer"
station = request.args.get('station')
day = request.args.get('day')
dest = request.args.get('dest')
result = execute_query(
"""SELECT etd, count(*)
FROM etd
WHERE dest = ? AND minute_of_day = ?
AND station = ? AND day_of_week = ?
GROUP BY etd""",
(dest, minute_of_day, station, day)
str_rows = [','.join(map(str, row)) for row in result]
query_time = time.time() - start_time"executed query in %s" % query_time)
header = 'etd,count\n'
return header + '\n'.join(str_rows)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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