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This is an experiment at creating an alternate implementation of NetLogo in Common Lisp.

See the wiki for more information.

Using standalone executables

Find the latest version, 0.1.0 on the releases page:

Running from source

If you'd like to run it from source, you're going to need a few things:

  • A copy of the clnl source (either from the releases page, version 0.1.0 or via cloning)
  • An implementation of sbcl with threads enabled
  • The following common lisp libraries (included in deps/common-lisp folder)
    • alexandria
    • babel
    • cffi
    • clnl-gltk
    • cl-opengl
    • cl-ppcre
    • ironclad
    • mt19937
    • nibbles
    • trivial-features
    • strictmath
    • ieee-floats

bin/nl and bin/run.lisp have been added for convenience to run the netlogo instance. Not very many commands are implemented, but it should alert you to that. A good test is

crt 10
ask turtles [ fd 1 ]
show random 5
ask turtles [ fd 5 ]

Running on OSX

In order to run on OSX, you may have to build your own sbcl instance with threads enabled. See bin/ for how it's done when releasing/testing.

Running on Windows

In order to run on Windows, you will need to install a copy of 32bit sbcl with threads enabled, as well as putting a copy of freeglut in that directory. See bin/ for how it's done when releasing/testing.

Running in a common lisp instance

If you'd like to run using your own sbcl instance, you can attach the clnl.asd file wherever you link asd files, and then use:

(asdf:load-system :clnl)