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Annotate is a multiple object ground truth annotation tool using polygons.

The Annotate tool allows you to create your video sequence annotations using polygonal representations. It generates a text file with the annotations for each frame following a simple CSV format.

Among the possible applications Annotate could be useful for creating ground truth for:

  1. Pedestrian, people or re-identification datasets
  2. Upper body, face or other parts datasets
  3. Object detection datasets
  4. Object tracking datasets

In general, any project where a polygonal representation of your target is needed, Annotate will help to create it.

The Annotate tool can also provide a prediction for target positions to help annotating large datasets.

For more detailed information and examples of how to use reefer to the project's wiki.


Thanks to:

  1. Dongfeng Gu - Adding write/read support for simplified XML version format.