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Demo project for my XT16 presentation
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reload demo

Sample application showing the use of boot and boot-reload with browser, ios and android simultaneously.


Prerequisite: you must have cordova installed and the ios and android toolchain. And boot, obviously.

brew install boot-clj
brew install npm
npm install -g cordova


Run the following in one terminal

cordova plugins add cordova-plugin-whitelist
cordova platforms add browser
cordova platforms add ios
cordova platforms add android
boot dev

Then, in another terminal:

cordova prepare
cordova run ios
cordova run android
cordova run browser

Cordova will by default open up a Chrome tab, an iOS simulator and an Android emulator.

As you save changes in src/app/core.cljs should be pushed to the three platforms simultaneously.


You can only connect to one platform at a time to eval in the repl. So you need to only have e.g. iOS simulator running and no Android or browser app running.

  • boot dev
  • In Cursive: Run > Edit Configurations > Clojure Repl > Remote Repl > Host (localhost) Port (is the one displayed after boot started e.g 6544)
  • At the repl prompt: (start-repl) (require 'app.core) (in-ns 'app.core) @app-state

Example: take picture using camera

You need this additional cordova plugin:

cordova plugins add cordova-plugin-camera

Then in your repl you can execute:

(defn take-picture! []
  (.getPicture js/
               (fn success [uri] (println "Image uri:" uri))
               (fn fail [msg] (println "Failure:" msg))
               #js {:quality 50}))

Work with React Native

Check out this boot task: boot-react-native

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