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This addon allows you to animate any kind of object in openframeworks. Based on Tween

It supports all types (int, bool, float, etc.) and all structures and objects where '+', '-', '*' and '=' operators are overloaded (ofVec2f for instance).

  • Quaternions and Matrices tweens, see example-BoostTween/src/demoAdvanced
  • Callback, see example-BoostTween/src/demoCallback

See videos for demos:

Have fun!


  • repeat count or forever
  • palindrome mode
  • event system
  • 20 types of interpolation
  • easy tweens accumulation on the same pointer
  • handle boolean, string, and callbacks
  • time speed control (slow motion or fast forward) - negative time is not handled
  • asynchronous or synchronous
  • reusable configurations of tweens
  • destruction of tweens while running


Tweener package is fully independant from openframeworks and rely on boost library for threading and callbacks management.

installation on linux/debian

$ sudo apt-get install libboost1.54-dev // or higher

running the examples

Once boost is installed, copy the 'example-BoostTween' in your app folder.

In terminal:

$ make
$ cd bin
$ ./example-BoostTween

To launch the demos, specify with param '-d', for instance:

$ ./example-BoostTween -d float

For the float demo, or:

$ ./example-BoostTween -d rotation

(you got it, i guess...)