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Align layers in a group with padding applied
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Align To Padding

Align layers in a group with padding applied

align to padding

What does this do?

I got fed up constantly aligning a layer "top" and "left" to a background, only to nudge it 10px back the other way, to apply "padding". So I've created a plugin that would recognise there was padding when aligning layers on a background.

How do I use it?

You need a Group that contains at least two layers (one of them being the background layer). Then simply select the layers you want to align and choose the alignment from the menu. The plugin also has the option to scale the layer to the full width or height of the background.


⇧⌘↑ = Align top

⇧⌘→ = Align right

⇧⌘↓ = Align bottom

⇧⌘← = Align left

⇧⌘, = Full width

⇧⌘. = Full height

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