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Add bottom padding to a symbol override
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Symbol Override Padding icon

Symbol Override Padding

What does it do?

It adjusts the bottom padding on an override in a symbol instance

Example 1


Example 2


Example 3



This will not adjust the spacing between text layers. There are already plugins that do this well

How to use

Select the override you want the bottom padding to apply to and run the plugin



A background is needed in the symbol, even if it's a rectangle with no fill. A symbol with no background will not achieve the expected result Backgrounds

No overlapping

"Targeted layer" to pad to must be below the selected override Target-layer

Fix size and pin layers

  • The selected override (that will have the bottom padding applied to) must be pinned to top and have a fixed height
  • If there is a target layer below, it will need to be pinned to bottom and have a fixed height Fix-size-and-pin
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