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dist: xenial
language: rust
- stable
- pip install --user ghp-import
- cargo build
# rustdoc doesn't build dependencies, so it needs to run after `cargo build`,
# but its dependency search gets confused if there are multiple copies of any
# dependency in target/debug/deps, so it needs to run before `cargo test` et al.
# clutter target/debug/deps with multiple copies of things.
- for file in $(find mdbook -name '*.md'); do rustdoc --test $file -L ./target/debug/deps; done
- cargo test
- cargo bench
- cargo doc
after_success: |
[ $TRAVIS_BRANCH = master ] &&
[ $TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST = false ] &&
cargo install mdbook &&
(cd mdbook; mdbook build) &&
ghp-import -n mdbook/book &&
git push -fq https://${GH_TOKEN}${TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG}.git gh-pages
- secure: CzDrbiXWbvgjqZn1z5aFcttW90tWT4LpEc9bSJ/Wb0i4QvABAaOefw3Griu9MT9vNvbyM1ysk8fzXMHXF1ivhUZFzV4MRr+nrKg4LTg/upDAVAEOjWdrFUJOp17a+PVS3K83zrVxeZMkmQe4ACB3a9hsHilKp635xgizSJWQ6Wo=
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