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Node script to get bookmarks and turn them in Jekyll drafts
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Welcome to Digging The Links

This project is a true "eating your own dogfood" project for me. Here's the bulleted version of the story

  • I have my own blog which runs on Jekyll
  • I use Pinboard to save links and bookmark interesting articles
  • I wanted to combine the two. Make a linkpost on specific times, by adding links to Pinboard
  • I wanted to learn NodeJS as a hobby.

So here's a first version of part of the solution. What this script does is reading the RSS feeds in the variable feeds and create a Jekyll-draft everytime a new item arrives. It's still very rough around the edges, there's hardly any error detection and it's mainly to scratch my own itch. Next steps are finding out how to run this next to my blog and make sure new drafts are published periodically.

Feel free to fork, improve and share. Blog on!

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