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SilverStripe Status Message Module

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  • SilverStripe 2.4


To store a message with an attached status in the session and 'flash' that message in the browser. Based on code from Will Rossiter

Installation Instructions

  1. Place this directory in the root of your SilverStripe installation, rename the folder 'statusmessage'.
  2. Visit to rebuild the database.

Usage Overview


  1. Set a status message in a controller or similar e.g: StatusMessage::set(StatusMessage::STATUS_SUCCESS, "Here is some message");
  2. Get a status message out of the session in a template e.g: <% include StatusMessage %>


When redirecting have to pass the status message in the URL rather than the Session.

  1. Set the message as above.
  2. Append the status message to the GET string e.g: Director::redirect(Director::absoluteBaseURL() . $this->Link() . '?' . StatusMessage::query_string());

Known Issues

GitHub Issue Tracker