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Welcome to the C0 Tutorial wiki!

C0 is a small safe subset of the C programming language, augmented with contracts, specifically developed for teaching the course 15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation at Carnegie Mellon University.

Here is a suggested reading order, after this home page:

Some external authoritative sources on C0:

C0 has not yet been publicly released, but a first beta distribution (binary only) is now available for download (see the links in the left side-bar on the C0 home page):

Many people have contributed to C0 and its tool suite. The principal designers are Rob Arnold and Frank Pfenning; additional contributors include Laura Abbott, Tom Cortina, Jason Koenig, William Lovas, Karl Naden, Rob Simmons, Nathan Snyder, Anand Subramanian, and Jakob Uecker.

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