Robofont extension to show quick info about point selection.
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showDist screenshot

Robofont extension to show quick information about point selection.
This extension lives in a tiny space in the top left of the glyph window.
When two or more points are selected, the exension will show information about the horizontal and vertical distance between those points. If the points are not on a horizontal or vertical line, the extension will also show the diagonal distance and the angle between the selected points.

Selection of a single point will return distances and angles of attached BCPs, selection of a single BCP will return distance and angle from that BCP to its base point. This information is interactively updated as points are dragged.

Note: If a selection contists of more than two points, the extension will show the values for the bounding box of the current selection.

  • Version 1.2: add static BCP-length information
  • Version 1.3: make selections in multiple windows possible
  • Version 1.4: add interactive BCP-length information

point dragging

This extension (especially the text-in-window part) is heavily based on David Jonathan Ross’ ShowMouseCoordinates – I hope he approves.

Installing this extension will activate it; it won’t show in any menus.
To remove the extension just delete showDist.roboFontExt from the extensions folder.

Released under MIT license.