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Fix issue #35 by adding menu item "Case sensitive search"

By default it is enabled.  When disabled, regexes entered in doc-tf
box are matched case-insensitively by prepending them with "(?i)".
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1 parent e6bf474 commit 3dc6db25622a08f1fcfaa12a7942b245eb082c40 @jafingerhut jafingerhut committed May 22, 2012
Showing with 42 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +41 −11 src/clj_ns_browser/browser.clj
  2. +1 −0 src/clj_ns_browser/utils.clj
@@ -240,8 +240,9 @@
(defn ns-unloaded [] @all-ns-unloaded-atom)
(swap! all-ns-unloaded-atom (fn [& a] (all-ns-unloaded)))
(swap! all-ns-loaded-atom (fn [& a] (all-ns-loaded)))
-(def vars-fqn-listing-atom (atom false))
+(def vars-case-sensitive-search-atom (atom true))
(def vars-categorized-listing-atom (atom false))
+(def vars-fqn-listing-atom (atom false))
(def search-places-list
(atom [{:menu-item-text "Search Docs Also"
:menu-item-keyword :vars-search-doc-also-cb
@@ -323,11 +324,15 @@
;; The map might have other keys with defined values, but need not.
(defn regx-tf-filter
- "filter for use in bind that filters string-list s-l with regex of text-field t-f"
- [symbol-info t-f search-places-atom]
+ "filter for use in bind that filters string-list s-l with regex of
+text-field t-f"
+ [symbol-info t-f search-places-atom case-sensitive-search-atom]
(let [search-places (deref search-places-atom)
- search-places-with-ks (map key (filter #(val %) search-places))]
- (when-let [r (try (re-pattern (config t-f :text))
+ search-places-with-ks (map key (filter #(val %) search-places))
+ case-sensitive-search? (deref case-sensitive-search-atom)]
+ (when-let [r (try (re-pattern (if case-sensitive-search?
+ (config t-f :text)
+ (str "(?i)" (config t-f :text))))
(catch Exception e nil))]
(filter (fn [info]
(if (string? info)
@@ -570,6 +575,18 @@
(config! cb-item :selected? new-val)
(update-settings! {settings-keyword new-val}))
+(add-app-action :vars-case-sensitive-search-cb-action
+ (action :name "Case Sensitive Search"
+ :selected? false
+ :handler
+ (fn [e] (let [root (to-root e)]
+ (letfn [(id [kw] (select-id root kw))]
+ (update-cb (id :vars-case-sensitive-search-cb-action)
+ vars-case-sensitive-search-atom
+ :vars-case-sensitive-search
+ (config (id :vars-case-sensitive-search-cb-action)
+ :selected?)))))))
(add-app-action :vars-categorized-listing-cb-action
(action :name "Categorized Listing"
:selected? false
@@ -664,6 +681,7 @@
(config! (id :browse-btn) :enabled? false)
(config! (id :clojuredocs-online-rb) :selected? true)
(config! (id :inspect-btn) :enabled? false)
+ (config! (id :vars-case-sensitive-search-cb-action) :selected? true)
(config! (id :vars-fqn-listing-cb-action) :selected? false)
(listen (id :inspect-btn)
:action (fn [event] (swap! (id :inspect-btn-atom) not)))
@@ -714,6 +732,10 @@
:ok (config! (id :clojuredocs-offline-rb) :selected? true)
(config! (id :clojuredocs-online-rb) :selected? true))))
+ (update-cb (id :vars-case-sensitive-search-cb-action)
+ vars-case-sensitive-search-atom
+ :vars-case-sensitive-search
+ (:vars-case-sensitive-search settings))
(update-cb (id :vars-categorized-listing-cb-action)
@@ -873,7 +895,7 @@
(let [v (selection (id :ns-cbx))]
(when (= v "unloaded") (config! (id :doc-tf) :text "")(config! (id :doc-ta) :text ""))
((get ns-cbx-value-fn-map v)))))
- (b/transform regx-tf-filter (id :ns-filter-tf) (atom false))
+ (b/transform regx-tf-filter (id :ns-filter-tf) (atom false) (atom true))
(b/filter (fn [l] ;; only refresh if the list really has changed
(if (= l (seesaw.meta/get-meta root :last-ns-lb))
@@ -932,6 +954,7 @@
(apply b/funnel
(id :vars-filter-tf)
+ vars-case-sensitive-search-atom
(b/transform (fn [o]
@@ -941,7 +964,7 @@
(b/transform regx-tf-filter (id :vars-filter-tf)
- vars-search-places-atom)
+ vars-search-places-atom vars-case-sensitive-search-atom)
(b/transform (fn [symbol-info]
(config! (id :vars-entries-lbl) :text (count symbol-info))
(if @vars-categorized-listing-atom
@@ -1223,10 +1246,15 @@
clojuredocs-online-rb (radio-menu-item :text "ClojureDocs Online" :id :clojuredocs-online-rb :group clojuredocs-access-btn-group)
clojuredocs-offline-rb (radio-menu-item :text "ClojureDocs Offline/Local" :id :clojuredocs-offline-rb :group clojuredocs-access-btn-group)
- vars-fqn-listing-cb (checkbox-menu-item :action (id :vars-fqn-listing-cb-action) :id :vars-fqn-listing-cb)
- vars-categorized-listing-cb (checkbox-menu-item :action (id :vars-categorized-listing-cb-action)
- :id :vars-categorized-listing-cb)
+ vars-case-sensitive-search-cb (checkbox-menu-item
+ :action (id :vars-case-sensitive-search-cb-action)
+ :id :vars-case-sensitive-search-cb)
+ vars-fqn-listing-cb (checkbox-menu-item
+ :action (id :vars-fqn-listing-cb-action)
+ :id :vars-fqn-listing-cb)
+ vars-categorized-listing-cb (checkbox-menu-item
+ :action (id :vars-categorized-listing-cb-action)
+ :id :vars-categorized-listing-cb)
auto-refresh-browser-cb (checkbox-menu-item :action (id :auto-refresh-browser-action) :id :auto-refresh-browser-cb)
auto-refresh-browser-timer (timer auto-refresh-browser-handler :initial-value {:root root}
@@ -1261,6 +1289,7 @@
;;(id :vars-unmap-btn-action) (id :vars-unalias-btn-action)
+ vars-case-sensitive-search-cb
(map :checkbox-menu-item @search-places-list)))
@@ -1333,6 +1362,7 @@
;;(id :vars-unmap-btn-action) (id :vars-unalias-btn-action)
+ (checkbox-menu-item :action (id :vars-case-sensitive-search-cb-action))
(checkbox-menu-item :action (id :vars-categorized-listing-cb-action))
(checkbox-menu-item :action (id :vars-fqn-listing-cb-action))
;;:separator auto-refresh-browser-cb
@@ -895,6 +895,7 @@ any code."
(def default-settings
{:clojuredocs-online true
+ :vars-case-sensitive-search true
:vars-categorized-listing false
:vars-fqn-listing false
:search-places {:doc false

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