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fs - File system utilities for Clojure

This library defines some utilities for working with the file system in Clojure. Mostly, it wants to fill the gap that leaves and add on (and prettify) what provides.


The library is simple. It is just a collection of functions that do things. The one thing you should understand is cwd. There is no way to change the working directory in Java. Because of this, fs simulates working directory changes within the library itself. Basically, there is a cwd atom that can be changed and then all fs functions will consider this the working directory. There is a file function that can be used to create objects in the same way as, except that if the path isn't absolute or the first argument is ".", it uses cwd.

Use Leiningen to get fs: :dependencies [[fs "1.0.0"]].

This is 100% a utility library. If you have something useful that it doesn't already have, open a pull request, because I probably want it. Make sure you include tests.

fs is not an I/O utility library. We should try to keep things limited to file system activities.

We also have Marginalia docs.


This library was originally devised and maintained by Miki Tebeka, but I took over for him.


Copyright (C) 2010,2011 Miki Tebeka, Anthony Grimes

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.