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Moneypot 💰🍯

Project Status: WIP – Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public.

Making money on the stock market.

Moneypot is intended as an application to develop and deploy trading strategies. It will offer:

  • Support for different asset types (stocks, crypto) and exchanges.
  • Connection to data providers to store ticker information.
  • A Streamlit dashboard to display tickers and analyze trading strategies.
  • Backtesting of trading strategies
  • Deployment of trading strategies

Moneypot is currently in development and offers limited functionality (yet).


Development version:



python develop


Before using moneypot, you have to fill in some necessary configuration details (database location, API tokens).

Config files are create at ~/.moneypot.

Moneypot assumes a running PostgreSQL database with the timescaleDB extension installed.

Usage (Dev notes)

Moneypot consists of multiple modules and services that can run independently of each other. Services can run in the background and can be managed via supervisor.

  • exchange (service): An API to the database
  • monitor (service): A Streamlit dashboard to visualize tickers and trading strategies performance
  • broker (service)(tbd): A service to schedule and deploy trading strategies via connected exchanges/brokers.

Managing services with supervisor

Moneypot uses a package called supervisor to manage services that run in the background.

Services are python scripts that will be executed and kept running in the background, and their runtime managed like a classic service, using start, stop, status commands, etc. New services can be registered in the supervisor.cfg file.

The supervisor can be invoked via

moneypot supervisor *command*

Some useful commands:

  • moneypot supervisor status all/*service*: List the status of all running services / a particular service.
  • moneypot supervisor start/stop all/*service*: Start or stop a service.

New services can be registered

Note: moneypot supervisor is just an alias for supervisorctl.

Supervisor is used to manage services that run in the background.

Services can be controlled via supervisorctl. Some useful commands:

  • supervisorctl status all: Lists all running services


Making money on the stock market






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