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Completed Ex. 8

Also completed the EC to the best of my ability.
I'm not sure why repr() prints strings with quotes.  If it
converts objects to str objects, and those string objects are being
printed, why not without the quotes?
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+# Assigning a string to a variable.
+formatter = "%r %r %r %r"
+# Using formatter as a format string for the values...
+print formatter % (1, 2, 3, 4)
+print formatter % ("one", "two", "three", "four")
+print formatter % (True, False, False, True)
+print formatter % (formatter, formatter, formatter, formatter)
+print formatter % (
+ "I had this thing.",
+ "That you could type up right.",
+ "But it didn't sing.",
+ "So I said goodnight."
+# I have no idea why %r or repr() prints strings with quotes around them
+# I know repr converts an object to str
+# saying fuck it right now. I'll learn about it later.

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