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Example Code

The utility functions create_metric and metric are the main API hooks to app_metrics.


from django.contrib.auth.models import User

from app_metrics.utils import create_metric, metric

user1 = User.objects.get(pk='bob')
user2 = User.objects.get(pk='jane')

# Create a new metric to track
my_metric = create_metric(name='New User Metric', slug='new_user_signup')

# Create a MetricSet which ties a metric to an email schedule and sets
# who should receive it

my_metric_set = create_metric_set(name='My Set',
                                email_recipients=[user1, user2])

# Increment the metric by one

# Increment the metric by some other number
metric('new_user_signup', 4)

Management Commands


Aggregate metric items into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals It's fairly smart about it, so you're safe to run this as often as you like: metrics_aggregate


Send email reports to users. The email will be sent out using django_mailer's send_htmlmailer if it is installed, otherwise defaults to django.core.mail. Can be called like: metrics_send_mail
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