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This add on module allows you to easily associate keywords and regular
expressions with a Tag object. This is useful to help keep your database
from getting filled up with several similar tags that really represent the
same thing or concept.
For example, if your site is a humor site you might want to collapse all of
#fun, #funny, #funnies, #hilarious, #rofl, and #lol into one tag #funny. The
``suggest_tags()`` function in ``taggit_suggest.utils`` will give you a
list of tags that seem appropriate for the text content given to it.
Unlike the rest of ``django-taggit``, ``taggit_suggest`` requires Django 1.2.
Put ``'taggit_suggest'`` into ``INSTALLED_APPS`` and run a syncdb to
create the necessary models. This will add ``Keywords`` and
``Regular Expression`` inlines to the default ``django-taggit`` admin. Once
you've populated those based on your site you can do a simple:
.. sourcecode:: python
from taggit_suggest.utils import suggest_tags
tags = suggest_tags(content='Some textual content...')
* In a later version I hope to a simple way to help determine keywords for you
automatically, by learning from your past tags and content.