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Twelve-factor app framework for Node.js written in TypeScript
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A Twelve Factor app framework for Node.js written in TypeScript.


  • 🏗️ App scaffolding with Express
  • 🌲 Logging with Pino
  • 🚨 Error reporting with Sentry
  • 📦 Extensible with plugins (batteries included, but opt-in)


  • douze-sequelize: Use Sequelize as an ORM
  • douze-mongo: MongoDB ODM (coming soon)
  • douze-redis: Redis cache (coming soon)
  • douze-graphql: GraphQL with Apollo Server 2.0 (coming soon)


Extend Douze with douze-sequelize for SQL databases:

  • 🐘 PostgreSQL
  • 🐬 MySQL / MariaDB
  • 📄 SQLite
  • 💰 Microsoft SQL Server


$ yarn add douze
# or
$ npm install douze


// index.ts
import Douze, { Request, Response } from 'douze'

export default async function main() {
  // Create an application with default configuration
  const app = Douze.createApp()

  // Attach standard Express routes & middleware to your app:
  app.use('/', (req: Request, res: Response) => {
    res.json({ hello: 'world' })

  await Douze.start(app)

This basic example shows sensible default configuration, overridable by environment variables where relevant.


Douze is configured by environment variables where relevant, rather than code.

Here is a list of configuration environment variables:

Name Type Default Description
APP_NAME string 'douze-app' The name of your application
NODE_ENV string 'development'
LOG_LEVEL string 'debug' in development, 'info' in production. Any of the levels defined in Pino
HOST string '' Listening address
PORT number 3000 Listening port
SENTRY_DSN string undefined Enable Sentry error reporting by passing it the DSN to use
DOUZE_FINGERPRINT_SALT string random A salt applied to the anonimisation function, rotate it to anonymise against previous logs
DOUZE_DATABASE_FORCE_SYNC boolean undefined Set to true in development to reset the database and sync the models. Existing data will be lost !
DOUZE_DATABASE_SEED boolean undefined Run seeding functions in development to start with fresh data.
DOUZE_ENFORCE_PRIVACY boolean true Redact privacy-busting information from logs in production (headers, source IP)

Deployment variables (used to track deployed instances, those are set by default on Clever Cloud):

  • POSTGRESQL_ADDON_URI: URI to the PostgreSQL database
  • COMMIT_ID: Git commit ID of the deployment
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