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Since this plugin for flume is going to merge into flume, I've splited this plugin to two dependent plugin flumg-ng-kafka-source and flume-ng-kafka-sink. ASFv2 branch is okay, but I advised to use new plugin.

Flume-ng Kafka

This project is used for flume-ng to communicate with kafka 0.7,2.

For v0.2 now, I think the parameters pass to flume-kafka need to be handled by users, not by code. Before this version, I add many parameters of kafka and their default value in code. That is to say, whatever parameters you write in conf file, they will be passed to Kafka producer or consumers. I cannot control if the parameters you wrote will take effect. The responsibilites for using correct parameters or find out what parameters to use, in my opinion, are yours.

On the other hand, it is simple if Kafka add some new parameters:).

Configuration of Kafka Sink

agent_log.sinks.kafka.type = com.vipshop.flume.sink.kafka.KafkaSink
agent_log.sinks.kafka.channel = all_channel
agent_log.sinks.kafka.zk.connect =
agent_log.sinks.kafka.topic = all
agent_log.sinks.kafka.batchsize = 200
agent_log.sinks.kafka.producer.type = async
agent_log.sinks.kafka.serializer.class = kafka.serializer.StringEncoder

Configuration of Kafka Source

agent_log.sources.kafka0.type = com.vipshop.flume.source.kafka.KafkaSource
agent_log.sources.kafka0.zk.connect =
agent_log.sources.kafka0.topic = all
agent_log.sources.kafka0.groupid = es
agent_log.sources.kafka0.channels = channel0

Speical Thanks

In fact I'm a newbie in Java. I have learnt a lot from flumg-ng-rabbitmq. Thanks to Jeremy Custenborder.