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This is an example of how to create an "inline-all" React package
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Example of a inline-react-package

To see mylib in action it please use two terminals

Terminal 1

cd mylib

# Install dependencies

# Link it so that the playground can consume it
yarn link

# Build a fresh copy
yarn build

# Or, Watch for changes and rebuild
yarn watch

Terminal 2

cd playground

# Install dependencies

# use my-lib
yarn link my-lib

# Build a fresh copy
yarn start


  • This is rather rudimentary dev workflow, if you want to have a similar playground for components you should use something like Storybook. This is just to simulate a real world component usage.

  • For emotion theming to really work there needs to be a single copy of @emotion/core in your app, otherwise theme composition wont work (which is 50% of the reason for having a theme to begin with). Enforce this by having all emotion packages be peer dependencies of your libraries and a direct dependency of your app.

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