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GRPC - Chat example


The purpose of this demo is showing a full example of how creating a GRPC project with multiple agents working together. We have 3 agents:

  • A server, written in Java, which receives the messages from the clients and send the messages received to all the available clients.
  • Two clients, one written in Go and other one written in C#, acting as chat clients where you can enter a message and receive the message from the other users.

Folder structure

The folder structure is as follows:

  • Server folder: Is where all files related Java solution are located.
  • Client-GO folder: The client written in Go.
  • Client-C# folder: Client written in C# using WPF.
  • Proto folder: Definition of our services using protocol buffers.

How to start

  • Start the server
  • Run as many clients as you desire.

In each folder you can find a README with the information about how to run the app and all dependencies that are needed to be installed in order to run the project properly.