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##User Manual and Theory of operation A PDF user manual has been created describing the usage and the theory of operation. User Manual ##Introduction

DeEmbed is a GUI application that can read raw S-Parameter files in TouchStone format There is support for 1 to 4 port s-parameter files. The s-parameters can be de-embedded using the SOLTI (Short, Open, Load, Through, Isolation) method. If you create 1 or 2 port s-parameter files from your cables (through + isolation) and measure 1-port s-parameter files of a short, open and load, the original DUT can be shown in the different graphs as if they were measured without cables.

By default the application shows the data in a smith chart, but different charts are supported (Db, phase, magnitude, VSWR, polar and some combinations).

The application automatically interpolates (spline) the calibration sets to the desired touchstone file. Note that the frequency range of the first touchstone file is leading, any file loaded afterwards will also be interpolated.

##Features: Show calibrated and uncalibrated S-parameters in a smith chart:

Also other charts (like dB/Phase) are supported.

The calibration sets can be loaded as touchstone files. For two-port standards (Through / Isolation) either one (s1p) or two (s2p) port s-parameter files can be used. For s1p files S11 will be used as through/isolation standard, for s2p files S21 and S12 will be used.

The properties of the calibration standards can be modified, even after loading the data. The calibration standard is live applied to the graph while the dialog is still open, this way it is easy to find / fit the standard if the DUT is known.

The chart can be navigated using the mouse wheel:

  • Scrolling zooms the smith chart and centers
  • Scrolling moves a cartesian chart
  • Ctrl+scrolling zooms a cartesian chart
  • Shift+scrolling moves the right cartesian axis
  • Shift+Ctrl+scrolling zooms the right cartesian axis
  • A marker can be set by right clicking near to one of the traces.


cd DeEmbed
mkdir build
cd build
qmake ..

#Installation on Ubuntu See Installation on Ubuntu

#Installation on Windows Windows users can find a binary on