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Keycloak Kubernetes Demo

This demo assumes you have minikube installed with the ingress addon enabled.

Setup URLs

The following URLs uses to prevent having to modify /etc/hosts.

export MINIKUBE_IP=`minikube ip`
export KEYCLOAK_HOST=keycloak.$
export BACKEND_HOST=backend.$
export FRONTEND_HOST=frontend.$


kubectl create -f keycloak/keycloak.yaml

cat keycloak/keycloak-ingress.yaml | sed "s/KEYCLOAK_HOST/$KEYCLOAK_HOST/" \
| kubectl create -f -

echo https://$KEYCLOAK_HOST

The Keycloak admin console should now be opened in your browser. Ignore the warning caused by the self-signed certificate. Login with admin/admin. Create a new realm and import keycloak/realm.json.

The client config for the frontend allows any redirect-uri and web-origin. This is to simplify configuration for the demo. For a production system always use the real URL of the application for the redirect-uri and web-origin.


eval `minikube docker-env`
docker build -t kube-demo-backend backend

cat backend/backend.yaml | sed "s/KEYCLOAK_HOST/$KEYCLOAK_HOST/" | \
kubectl create -f -

cat backend/backend-ingress.yaml | sed "s/BACKEND_HOST/$BACKEND_HOST/" | \
kubectl create -f -

echo https://$BACKEND_HOST/public


eval `minikube docker-env`
docker build -t kube-demo-frontend frontend

cat frontend/frontend.yaml | sed "s/KEYCLOAK_HOST/$KEYCLOAK_HOST/" | \
kubectl create -f -

cat frontend/frontend-ingress.yaml | sed "s/FRONTEND_HOST/$FRONTEND_HOST/" | \
kubectl create -f - 

echo https://$FRONTEND_HOST

The frontend application should now be opened in your browser. Login with stian/pass. You should be able to invoke public and invoke secured, but not invoke admin. To be able to invoke admin go back to the Keycloak admin console and add the admin role to the user stian.

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