img -> html, imgs --> animated html ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
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You want to use html to show your image ?

generate html uses box-shadow to show image.

Or a html shows your image sequence in a folder as animation !

Take care of the Super-High-Energy output ( >﹏<。)

#Usage file1|dir1 [file2|dir2 ...]

outputs : static html (for single image) or animated html (for image sequence) that shows your image

file1.html|dir1.html [file2.html|dir2.html ...]


To directory, img2html will convert the pictures in the given directory to animation,frame order is asend order of filename.Make sure all the pictures in a image sequence directory are in same width and height.

for example(input a directory shows below):

├── 1.jpg
├── c.jpg
├── o.jpg
├── 2.jpg
├── 3.jpg
└── z.jpg

the converted frame order is like this (files will be automaticly sorted according to it's name)

1.jpg --> 2.jpg --> 3.jpg --> c.jpg --> o.jpg --> z.jpg


  • Python 3
  • Python Image Library or Pillow