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Wordpress plugin for using your logo as a loader using PACE and LoadGo
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LoadGo for WP

Use your logo as a loader for your website/blog. This plugin uses PACE and LoadGo.


1.5 (16-04-2018)

  • LoadGo version upgraded to 2.2.1

1.4 (18-07-2017)

  • LoadGo version upgraded to 2.2

1.3 (07-12-2017)

  • Fix bug with some themes where Pace was overriding body classes.

1.2 (25-07-2016)

  • Fix array syntax for PHP < 5.4
  • Fix body overflow when progress finish.

1.1 (11-05-2016)

  • Added translations for english and spanish languages.

1.0 (05-05-2016)

  • First release.


  • Upload your logo and use it as a progress bar.
  • Loading page process will be managed automatically by PACE.
  • LoadGo will take care of logo updates when page is loading.
  • You will be able to customize image size, overlay color, visibility and much more.


  1. Download LoadGo for WP from this link, clone it from GitHub, search for it directly in Wordpress plugin section in your own Wordpress site, or download it from Wordpress official plugin's site.

  2. Rename downloaded zip to (if different name).

  3. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  4. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

  5. Navigate to the Plugins page and select Settings.

  6. Upload your logo, save changes and go to your web.

Don't forget to upload your own logo and set "Visibility" option to "Everyone", so all your visitors can see it.

Frequently Asked Questions

My logo is visible when page is almost ready. What can I do?

Maybe your logo is really big. Try to upload an small logo. Logos below 100Kb work better because they load faster.

My page loads to quick and I am unable to see my progress logo

Congrats! It means that your page is small, or maybe your connection is super fast. You can simulate an slow connection using Chrome Dev Tools and throttling option.

My logo looks terrible. How can I improve its design?

PNGs files look better because they have transparency. Thus try to use a PNG version of your logo with a background color that fits its main color.

LoadGo for WP is under GPLv2 License. Feel free to download, modify and adapt it to your own purposes. If you find any bug, send a pull request or write an issue.


This plugin is 100% free, but if you want to support my work you can make a donation using Paypal.

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