Chrome Extension for Google Reader to allow mark individual items as read instead of actual behaviour.
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##Mark As Read for Google Reader

This extension allows to mark individual items as read in Google Reader by checking their own checkboxes. Its really useful to avoid mark as read bulk items and lost some important posts.

##How to install it:

  1. Download CRX file called 'MarkAsRead.crx'
  2. Open a new tab
  3. Drag your recently downloaded CRX file to the new tab
  4. Accept

IMPORTANT: recent versions of Google Chrome don't allow to install extensions as I mentioned above, so try the next steps in order to install the extension:

  1. Download the folder called "Uncompressed"
  2. Rename it as "Mark as Read".
  3. Open "Extensions" settings in Google Chrome.
  4. Click on "Load uncompressed extension...".
  5. Select the folder "Mark as Read".

Now you should see a checkbox next to "starred" feature on "List View Mode" into your Google Reader.

I will very thankfully if you find any suggestions, improvements or comments about it and send it to me to my e-mail (franverona[at]gmail[dot]com) or sending me a private message on my twitter account (