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This plugin currently is under heavy development

As I'm currently reworking the whole core, here's the late Alpha or early Beta. Please note that this release is moving towards a Beta and then RC candidate, but in the meantime features might get added or dropped. Only the core functionality is somewhat safe to use. Please use with caution and if you find a strange behavior, please take yourself a minute and report a bug. Software development takes two sides: The devloper and the user. Want to become a user? Give it a test drive.

If you like it and want to tell me, drop a mail or just open an issue. Or buy me a beer!

As you're already thinking about giving this a test run: If you find a feature, just add your request as issue as well. I'll consider and discuss everything down the road.

Plugin Name


Internal Link Checker

Adds a meta box to the post edit screen that shows all internal links from other posts to the currently displayed post. The plugin works out of the box.


No explanation needed - works out of the box. Just activate and be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions


The old meta box content filter from pre 1.0 versions won't work anymore. Updates & How-Tos will follow here. Or on a dedicated wiki page on this repo.


Translation ready. If you want to help translating, please contact me on G+.

Included: EN/DE (Patrick Matsumura) EN/DE & EN/ES (Rodolfo Buiaz)


  1. meta box in post edit admin UI screen


  • v1.0.0

    Start complete rework.

    Everything as much OOP as possible with WP Italian food style code.

    Switched License to MIT. Less headaches.

  • v0.6.2

    Reformatted code styling to prepare rewrite

  • v0.6.1

    Shortened admin table class

  • v0.6

    Major improvements in code length

  • v0.5.4

    Empty posts fix

  • v0.5.3 Code styling

  • v0.5.2

    Prepare SQL

  • v0.5.1

    Separate textdomain function

  • v0.5

    Now supports sorting by column

  • v0.4

    Now supports pagination for the meta box to take less space in the UI in cases where there are more than just a few links

  • v0.3

    Final stable release with new WP Admin Tables class API in use. Typo & Language fixes, fully translated

  • v0.2.9

    Check for remote readme file availibility before get file contents on update

    The meta box content filter disappeared and was replaced by an action to override the content

  • v0.2.8

    Added better update messages for plugin list screen

  • v0.2.7.1

    Moved to admin edit post permalinks

  • v0.2.7

    Added native WP admin UI table to the meta box

  • v0.2.6.6

    Moved Text Domain to plugin header comment for easier maintainance and transparency

  • v0.2.6.5

    Added wrapper function to call plugin data

  • v0.2.6.4

    Changed meta box title to "Internal Links" to not have long titles in screen options tab

  • v0.2.6.3

    Added mu-plugins directory for l10n lang files loading

  • v0.2.6.2

    Avoids loading on every $_REQUEST. Now only loads on post.php in admin (post/page/cpt new/edit) screens

  • v0.2.6.1

    Reworked translation files

  • v0.2.6

    Added singular/plural translation strings

    Grouped results by post type column

  • v0.2.5

    Added auto-correction for li elements & container

  • v0.2.4

    Added MarkUp & MarkUp filter functions that work based on an initial settings array

  • v0.2.2

    Added authors file

    Made links unique and minor fixes

  • v0.2.1

    Minor fixes

    Added translation props Patrick Matsumura

  • v0.2

    Moved to class to clean up global namespace

    Added next step for translations

  • v0.1.3

    Added screenshot, readme.txt for wp.org repo & fixed not echoing if there are no links

  • v0.1.2

    Meta box content now displays inside an unordered list

  • v0.1.1

    Should now work with post titles & post slugs/names

  • v0.1

    First version

    Can now be easier extended or used on front