A basic development environment including a debug stylesheet
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Development page & Debugger

version: v0.1.3 (beta)

  • Gives you a save rapid prototyping environment
  • Helps you adding the right blueprint classes

Does only work in browser newer than…

  • Firefox 1.0
  • Opera 7.0
  • Konquerer 3.4
  • Safari 1.2
    …and won’t work in IE due to missing support for outline


author: Created by Franz Josef Kaiser say hello code!


  • Adjust the of your dev environment page to your needs:
  • Uncomment the plugins you want to use in your page.
    • optional only needed for the mailing list: describe your goals, trials & errors in the head container.
  • Add your basic html structure (div, h1-h6, p, span, a).
  • Add some “lorem ipsum” dummy text and sample imgs to your html (search for lorem ipsum, there are lots of resources).
  • Add your blueprint classes to the structure.
  • Uncomment the css/html debugger plugin in the head.
  • Open the sample in your browser.
    • optional if you see elements outlined, you’ve forgotten declarations or added not matching classes. In this case take a look at the head of the debugger plugin to check color codes & find out what exactly went wrong (it’s easy).
  • Basic structure: done
  • Now you can add your own styles in a separate stylesheet to the section and develop further.


v0.1 (alpha)

  • first version
    • a basic html page structure
    • debugger offers outlining of classical misstakes

v0.1 (beta)

  • debugger now offers help for missing declarations
    • dev page reworked to split between description & content

v01.1 (beta)

  • bugfix: colborder & border were missing dot in front of class

v01.2 (beta)

  • switched to textile mark-up file for readme to inherit bp core

v01.2.1 (beta)

  • tried to fix textile mark-up for readme

v01.3 (beta)

  • switched pathes for all style-links in the head of blueprint.html to work out of the box from the debug plugin directory.