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A Gradle plugin for project Lombok support.

Maintenance mode. Only critical bugs will be fixed and there won't be any more feature from my side. Please feel free to continue contributing and open PRs, I will still review them in a timely manner.


The plugin is included in the central plugin repository.

A minimal build.gradle looks like this:

plugins {
    id 'io.franzbecker.gradle-lombok' version '5.0.0'
    id 'java'

repositories {
    jcenter() // or Maven central, required for Lombok dependency

After applying the plugin, the Lombok annotations can be used directly in any Java code and the Lombok Eclipse installer can be called via gradlew installLombok. The Lombok version can be configured using the following syntax:

lombok { // optional: values below are the defaults
    version = "1.18.12"
    sha256 = "49381508ecb02b3c173368436ef71b24c0d4418ad260e6cc98becbcf4b345406"

If the verifcation of the integrity shall be skipped, the sha256 value needs to be set to null or an empty string:

lombok {
    sha256 = "" // skip verifyLombok task

Some examples can be found in the examples folder.


When using Lombok in your Gradle project, you should consider using this plugin because

  • it adds the Lombok dependency to the classpath
  • it simplifies the Eclipse IDE installation
  • it offers support for delomboking

Adding the Lombok dependency

This plugin adds the Lombok dependency to compileOnly and testCompileOnly. Starting with Gradle 4.6 also annotationProcessor and testAnnotationProcessor. Note that for using Gradle prior to version 2.12 please use this plugin in version "1.11" which is the last version that supports Gradle < 2.12.

Simplifying Eclipse IDE installation

The project Lombok website states:

NOTE: You'll still need to download lombok, or doubleclick on the lombok.jar file downloaded by maven / ivy / gradle, to install lombok into your eclipse installation.

When using Lombok in teams with no automated Eclipse provisioning this is quite a pain. Every developer has to retrieve the JAR in the right version, verify its integrity (some won't) and call java -jar lombok.jar.

This plugin adds a task called installLombok to your Gradle build that uses the dependency that has already been added to the compile-only scope, verifies its integrity using SHA-256 and finally invokes the main class of the JAR. This greatly simplifies the installation process for each developer and makes sure that the same version is used across the team.

Delombok support

The plugin offers basic support for delomboking. The DelombokTask is a simple JavaExec task that calls delombok on Lombok's main class and simplifies the setup of such a task in the build process. It is not a ready to use task.

Examples can be found at:

examples/delombok-gradle-groovy/build.gradle and