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Laravel Nova Localizations

Laravel Nova Localization Logo

This repository is like Babbel for your Laravel Nova app, without the learning part. It's a curated list of thirty language files for your favorite admin panel. Big thanks to all the great worldwide contributors.

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Available languages (30 languages)

Language Code LCID Thanks to
Albanian sq sallmin
Arabic ar ar-sy Danyel Alkeddah
Azeri az az-az Energon7
Bengali bn bn-bd iamazik
Bulgarian bg bg suncho26
Catalan ca es-ca lloople
Chinese (China) zh zh-cn jltxwesley, yangliulnn, nighon
Chinese (Traditional) zh zh-tw tinghom, yangliulnn, MilesWuCode
Danish da peterbrinck
Dutch nl Cannonb4ll, patrickbergman, DannyStreur, ovvessem, johanvanhelden
English en en-us Nova folks
Finnish fi joonas1234, SirMathays
French fr fr-fr xel1045, benjamincrozat, electronick86, bmichotte, Manoz
German de de-de franzdumfart, mrmonat, pajoda, dastiii, hofmannsven, renky
Greek gr Erth0
Hungarian hu milli05, drobee
Indonesian id mul14, zeroseed
Italian it it-it s3b4stian
Korean ko getsolaris, namolab
Lithuanian lt girvydas, Justas Maziliauskas
Norwegian nb nb-no LasseHaslev, Marcuzz
Persian (Farsi) fa mehranhadidi
Polish pl aurawindsurfing, JackShev
Portuguese (Brazil) pt pt-br dessimoni
Portuguese (Portugal) pt pt-pt sikrew
Russian ru ru SerhiiStarovoitov, mexoboy, darmen
Slovenian sl sl morpheus7CS, squierll
Spanish es es-es tinthenet, Zerquix18, driade, kennyhorna
Tagalog tl ambengers
Turkish tr emir, EnesCakir
Ukrainian uk ustych, igorbabko



Navigate to the lang folder, download your preferred language files, save them to /resources/lang/vendor/nova/. For further details about Nova Localization, please check out the docs.


You can make sure that you are always up to date with the latest translations by adding two commands on the pre-update-cmd hook in your composer.json file. Of course, you can do that for as many languages as you want.

  "scripts": {
    "pre-update-cmd": [
      "@php -r \"mkdir('./resources/lang/vendor/nova', 0776, true);\"",
      "@php -r \"copy('', './resources/lang/vendor/nova/fr.json') || exit (1);\"",
      "@php -r \"mkdir('./resources/lang/vendor/nova/fr', 0776, true);\"",
      "@php -r \"copy('', './resources/lang/vendor/nova/fr/validation.php') || exit (1);\""

Don't forget to customize for your needs.

Force Nova localization

If you need to force the localization of Nova, you can add the following lines to NovaServiceProvider.php in the boot method :

Nova::serving(function () {


Feel free to submit a pull request, add your desired language or updates.


🌎 Localization files for Laravel Nova




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