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Obtrusive Live Test Logo

Fullstackoptimization Live Test - Chrome Extension / Framework

by developed in cooperation with

Chrome App Store:

User doku: ← πŸ€“πŸ“–

Previously known ad "f19n Obtrusive Live Test" ... the new name is less scary! (It's not a scary app, it's an awesome one!)

What is it?

It's a sandboxed, extendable live-testing chrome extension and framework! It runs pre-defined and custom tests on each page that you visit and delivers direct visual feedback.

Sample Output

It has multiple pre-defined rules currently targeting SEO, webperformance and social media best practices.

What does it do?

The extension collects the whole lifecycle of a pageload (http-headers, onpageload, onDOMready, ...) in an object, then it executes javascript functions against this object and returns testing feedback.

See /src/public/default-rules for a list of what currently tested by default. All rules can be inspeced, disabled/enabled. New default rules are regularly added.

See /sample-rules/ to see what data of the pageload lifecycle gets collected.

What can it do?

Everything! You can write your own tests! Anything that happens in the browser during the pageload and render lifecycle can be inspected and dissected!

Additional it can call third party REST-APIs from within these rules. Even ignoring CORS headers or normal fetch restrictions.

Also you can fetch normale pages and other ressources via fetch, too. I.e.: a rule executed on one page can fetch other URLs of the same domain or from other third party domains. See /default-rules/robotstxt-googlebot-url-check-v2.js for a rule that fetches the robots.txt of the domain, and then tests if the currently tested URL is allowed/disallowed.

User Doku

See Google Docs


For developing your own rule you can just install the Extension via the Chrome App Store.

If you want to digg deeper, well clone this rep. and then:

Install all dependencies

npm install

Run the build process (Development only)

Run the build process once (for this you need grunt-cli installed npm install -g grunt-cli). It will watch for changed files and automatically reload the extension if necessary.


Open chrome://extensions/ and point the installation of an unpacked extension to the ./build folder.

Build production ready files + archive

Run the following command to build a production ready zip archive which can be uploade to Google Extension Dashboard.

grunt dist

Archive will be saved to /dist/


The production ready rules can be found within /src/public/default-rules

Inside /sample-rules are some sample rules plus the documentation how to write your own rules. The rules can then be added to your application on the setting page of the extension.

See /sample-rules/debug-hello-world.js for a really simple starting point (and /sample-rules/debug-hello-world-with-comments.js for some explaination)

Also /sample-rules/debug-stringify-page-object.js gices you an easy way to inspect the page object (the collected information about the page lifecycle) of every page you visit.


  • All rules within the /sample-rules/ directory are MIT licensed.
  • All rules within the /public/default-rules/ directory are MIT licensed.
  • See details within the directory.

All other code within this repository - if not defined otherwise - is currently available under a

Contribution License.

You are welcome to

  • review the code
  • install the application in your browser
  • submit issues, pull requests, any other feedback
  • compile and use this extension in development mode on your computer with the goal of learning about the codebase or delivering feedback
  • use code for educational purposes for yourself or within your organization

Currently don't

  • remove this license
  • remove branding or links from/to
  • create a free or commercial product based upon the code of this repository
  • submit a product based on this code to any app store
  • install this extension in developer mode on multiple computers within your company

These restrictions do not apply to the /sample-rules/ and the /public/default-rules/ code.

This license might change in the future. I must just figure out what the best long term license for this product will be.

Rightsholder: Franz Enzenhofer fe at f19n dot com


A sandboxed, extendable testing chrome extension and framework! It runs pre-defined and custom tests on each page that you visit.







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