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;; This software is Copyright (c) Franz, 2009.
;; Franz grants you the rights to distribute
;; and use this software as governed by the terms
;; of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
;; (,
;; known as the LLGPL.
;; Tutorial code for using Franz AllegroGraph with Clojure.
;; Usage:
;; Start the clojure repl with the jars in the classpath.
;; On command line, starts a REPL.
;; Also, can be used with Emacs/Slime to start a REPL.
;; On command line, to run clojure scripts.
;; .project and .classpath: Eclipse/CounterClockWise project.
;; See
;; Load this file:
(require 'com.franz.agraph.tutorial)
;; Change to this namespace:
(in-ns 'com.franz.agraph.tutorial)
;; You may want to set your own connection params:
(def *connection-params* {:host "localhost" :port 8081 :username "test" :password "xyzzy"})
;; Optional, for convenience in the REPL:
(use '[clojure.contrib stacktrace repl-utils trace])
;; Execute the examples: test1-test16
(ns com.franz.agraph.tutorial
"Tutorial code for using Franz AllegroGraph from the Clojure language.
Follows the Python and Java tutorial code."
(:refer-clojure :exclude (name))
(:import [com.franz.agraph.repository
AGCatalog AGQueryLanguage AGRepository
AGRepositoryConnection AGServer AGValueFactory]
[org.openrdf.model ValueFactory Resource Literal]
[org.openrdf.model.vocabulary RDF XMLSchema]
[org.openrdf.query QueryLanguage]
[org.openrdf.query.impl DatasetImpl]
[ RDFFormat RDFHandler]
[ NTriplesWriter]
[ RDFXMLWriter]
[ File OutputStream FileOutputStream])
(:use [com.franz util openrdf agraph]))
(alter-meta! *ns* assoc :author "Franz Inc <>, Mike Hinchey <>")
;; Clojure equivalents of the Python and Java tests are below.
;; You may use to start the Clojure REPL in a console,
;; or in Emacs/slime/swank-clojure.
;; Note, you can also try the Java tutorial in the Clojure REPL.
;; However, in Slime/swank-clojure, the System.out prints to the
;; *inferior-lisp* buffer not the Slime REPL, so it may be easier to
;; use that instead of slime.
;; (import 'tutorial.TutorialExamples)
;; (TutorialExamples/test1)
(defonce *connection-params* {:host "localhost" :port 10035 :username "test" :password "xyzzy"})
(defonce *catalog-id* "java-catalog")
(defonce *repository-id* "javatutorial")
(def *agraph-java-tutorial-dir* (or (System/getProperty "com.franz.agraph.tutorial.dir")
(.getCanonicalPath ( "./src/tutorial/"))))
(defn printlns
"println each item in a collection"
(doseq [x col]
(println x)))
(defn test1
"lists catalogs and more info about the scratch catalog."
(with-agraph [server *connection-params*]
(println "Available catalogs:" (catalogs server))
(let [catalog (open-catalog server *catalog-id*)]
(println "Available repositories in catalog" (name catalog) ":"
(repositories catalog))
(let [myRepository (repo-init (repository catalog *repository-id* :renew))]
(let [rcon (repo-connection myRepository)]
(println "Repository" (name myRepository) "is up! It contains"
(repo-size rcon) "statements."))))))
(defn test2
"demonstrates adding and removing triples."
(with-agraph [con *connection-params*
cat *catalog-id*
repo {:name *repository-id* :access :renew}
(let [f (.getValueFactory repo)
;; create some resources and literals to make statements out of
alice (uri f "")
bob (uri f "")
name (uri f "")
person (uri f "")
bobsName (literal f "Bob")
alicesName (literal f "Alice")]
(println "Triple count before inserts:" (repo-size rcon))
(printlns (get-statements rcon nil nil nil nil))
(add! rcon alice RDF/TYPE person)
(add! rcon alice name alicesName)
(add! rcon bob RDF/TYPE person)
(add! rcon bob (uri f "") bobsName)
(println "Triple count after adding:" (repo-size rcon))
(remove! rcon bob name bobsName)
(println "Triple count after removing:" (repo-size rcon))
;; add it back
(add! rcon bob name bobsName)
(defn test3
"demonstrates a SPARQL query using the data from test2"
(with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection (test2))]
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL "SELECT ?s ?p ?o WHERE {?s ?p ?o .}"
(defn test4
(let [repo (test2)]
(with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection repo)]
(let [alice (uri (.getValueFactory repo) "")]
(printlns (get-statements rcon alice nil nil nil))))))
(defn test5
"Typed Literals"
(with-agraph [con *connection-params*
cat *catalog-id*
repo {:name *repository-id* :access :renew}
(clear! rcon)
(let [f (.getValueFactory rcon)
exns ""
alice (uri f "")
age (uri f exns "age")
weight (uri f exns, "weight")
favoriteColor (uri f exns "favoriteColor")
birthdate (uri f exns "birthdate")
ted (uri f exns "Ted")
red (literal f "Red")
rouge (literal f "Rouge" "fr")
fortyTwoInt (literal f "42" XMLSchema/INT)
fortyTwoLong (literal f "42" XMLSchema/LONG)
fortyTwoUntyped (literal f "42")
date (literal f "1984-12-06" XMLSchema/DATE)
time (literal f "1984-12-06T09:00:00" XMLSchema/DATETIME)
stmt1 (.createStatement f alice age fortyTwoInt)
stmt2 (.createStatement f ted age fortyTwoUntyped)]
(add-all! rcon
[alice weight (literal f "20.5")]
[ted weight (literal f "20.5" XMLSchema/FLOAT)]
[alice favoriteColor red]
[ted favoriteColor rouge]
[alice birthdate date]
[ted birthdate time]])
(doseq [obj [nil fortyTwoInt fortyTwoLong fortyTwoUntyped
(literal f "20.5" XMLSchema/FLOAT)
(literal f "20.5") red rouge]]
(println "Retrieve triples matching" obj ".")
(printlns (get-statements rcon nil nil obj nil)))
(doseq [obj ["42", "\"42\"", "20.5", "\"20.5\"", "\"20.5\"^^xsd:float"
"\"Rouge\"@fr", "\"Rouge\"", "\"1984-12-06\"^^xsd:date"]]
(println "Query triples matching" obj ".")
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
(str "PREFIX xsd: <> SELECT ?s ?p ?o WHERE {?s ?p ?o . filter (?o = " obj ")}") nil)))
(defn test6
(with-agraph [con *connection-params*
cat *catalog-id*
repo {:name *repository-id* :access :renew}
rcon {:namespaces {"vcd" ""}}]
(clear! rcon)
(let [vcards (new File *agraph-java-tutorial-dir* "/vc-db-1.rdf")
kennedy (new File *agraph-java-tutorial-dir* "/kennedy.ntriples")
baseURI ""
context (-> repo .getValueFactory (uri ""))]
(add-from! rcon vcards baseURI RDFFormat/RDFXML context)
(add-from! rcon kennedy baseURI RDFFormat/NTRIPLES nil)
(println "After loading, repository contains " (repo-size rcon context)
" vcard triples in context '" context "'\n and "
(repo-size rcon nil) " kennedy triples in context 'nil'.")
(defn test7
(with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection (test6))]
(println "Match all and print subjects and contexts:")
(printlns (get-statements rcon nil nil nil nil))
(println "Same thing with SPARQL query:")
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"SELECT DISTINCT ?s ?c WHERE {graph ?c {?s ?p ?o .} }" nil))))
(defn test8
"Writing RDF or NTriples to a file"
[& [write-to-file?]]
(with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection (test6))]
(let [contexts (resource-array [(uri (.getValueFactory rcon) "")])]
(let [output (if write-to-file? (new FileOutputStream "/tmp/temp.nt") *out*)
writer (new NTriplesWriter output)]
(println "Writing NTriples to" output)
(.export rcon writer contexts))
(let [output (if write-to-file? (new FileOutputStream "/tmp/temp.rdf") *out*)
writer (new RDFXMLWriter output)]
(println "Writing RDFXML to" output)
(.export rcon writer contexts)))))
(defn test9
"Writing the result of a statements match to a file."
(with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection (test6))]
(.exportStatements rcon nil RDF/TYPE nil false (new RDFXMLWriter *out*) (resource-array nil))))
(defn test10
"Datasets and multiple contexts"
(with-agraph [con *connection-params*
cat *catalog-id*
repo {:name *repository-id* :access :renew}
(let [f (.getValueFactory repo)
exns ""
alice (uri f exns "alice")
bob (uri f exns "bob")
ted (uri f exns "ted")
name (uri f "")
person (uri f "")
alicesName (literal f "Alice")
bobsName (literal f "Bob")
tedsName (literal f "Ted")
context1 (uri f exns "cxt1")
context2 (uri f exns "cxt2")]
(add-all! rcon [[alice RDF/TYPE person context1]
[alice name alicesName context1]
[bob RDF/TYPE person context2]
[bob name bobsName context2]
[ted RDF/TYPE person]
[ted name tedsName]])
(println "All triples in all contexts:")
(printlns (get-statements rcon nil nil nil nil))
(println "Triples in contexts 1 or 2:")
(printlns (get-statements rcon nil nil nil nil context1 context2))
(println "Triples in contexts nil or 2:")
(printlns (get-statements rcon nil nil nil nil nil context2))
(println "Query over contexts 1 and 2:")
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"SELECT ?s ?p ?o ?c WHERE { GRAPH ?c {?s ?p ?o . } }"
{:dataset (doto (new DatasetImpl)
(.addNamedGraph context1)
(.addNamedGraph context1))}))
(println "Query over the null context:")
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"SELECT ?s ?p ?o WHERE {?s ?p ?o . }"
{:dataset (doto (new DatasetImpl)
(.addDefaultGraph nil))})))))
(defn test11
(with-agraph [con *connection-params*
cat *catalog-id*
repo {:name *repository-id* :access :renew}
(let [f (.getValueFactory repo)
exns ""
alice (uri f exns "alice")
person (uri f exns "Person")]
(add! rcon alice RDF/TYPE person)
(.indexTriples repo true)
(.setNamespace rcon "ex" exns)
;; conn.removeNamespace("ex")
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"SELECT ?s ?p ?o WHERE { ?s ?p ?o . FILTER ((?p = rdf:type) && (?o = ex:Person) ) }")))))
(defn test12
"Text search"
(with-agraph [con *connection-params*
cat *catalog-id*
repo {:name *repository-id* :access :renew}
(let [f (.getValueFactory repo)
exns ""]
(.createFreetextIndex repo "index1" (to-array (list (str exns "fullname"))))
(let [alice (uri f exns "alice1")
persontype (uri f exns "Person")
fullname (uri f exns "fullname")
alicename (literal f "Alice B. Toklas")
book (uri f exns "book1")
booktype (uri f exns "Book")
booktitle (uri f exns "title")
wonderland (literal f "Alice in Wonderland")]
(clear! rcon (resource-array nil))
(add-all! rcon [[alice RDF/TYPE persontype]
[alice fullname alicename]
[book RDF/TYPE booktype]
[book booktitle wonderland]])
;; .indexTriples repo true)
(.setNamespace rcon "ex" exns)
;; (.setNamespace rcon 'fti', "") ; is already built-in
(let [queryString "SELECT ?s ?p ?o WHERE { ?s ?p ?o . ?s fti:match 'Alice' . }"]
; :query "SELECT ?s ?p ?o WHERE { ?s ?p ?o . FILTER regex(?o, "Ali") }"
(printlns (take 5 (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL queryString nil))))))))
(defn test13
"Ask, Construct, and Describe queries"
(with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection (test2)
{:namespaces {"ex" ""
"ont" ""}})]
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"select ?s ?p ?o where { ?s ?p ?o}" nil))
(println "Boolean result:"
(query-boolean rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"ask { ?s ont:name \"Alice\" }" nil))
(print "Construct result: ")
(doall (map #(print % " ")
(query-graph rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"construct {?s ?p ?o} where { ?s ?p ?o . filter (?o = \"Alice\") } " nil)))
(println "Describe result: ")
(printlns (query-graph rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"describe ?s where { ?s ?p ?o . filter (?o = \"Alice\") }" nil))))
(defn test14
"Parametric Queries"
(let [repo (test2)]
(with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection repo)]
(let [f (.getValueFactory repo)
alice (uri f "")
bob (uri f "")]
(println "Facts about Alice:")
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"select ?s ?p ?o where { ?s ?p ?o}"
{:binding ["s" alice]}))
(println "Facts about Bob:")
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"select ?s ?p ?o where { ?s ?p ?o}"
{:binding ["s" bob]}))))))
(defn test16
"Federated triple stores."
(with-agraph [server *connection-params*
cat *catalog-id*]
(let [ex ""
rcon-args {:namespaces {"ex" ex}}]
;; create two ordinary stores, and one federated store:
(let [red-rep (repo-init (repository cat "redthings" :renew))
red-con (repo-connection red-rep rcon-args)
green-rep (repo-init (repository cat "greenthings" :renew))
green-con (repo-connection green-rep rcon-args)
rainbow-rep (repo-init (repo-federation server
red-rep green-rep))
rainbow-con (repo-connection rainbow-rep rcon-args)
rf (value-factory red-con)
gf (value-factory green-con)
rbf (value-factory rainbow-con)]
(clear! red-con)
(clear! green-con)
;; add a few triples to the red and green stores:
(doseq [[c f s o] [[red-con rf "mcintosh" "Apple"]
[red-con rf "reddelicious" "Apple"]
[green-con gf "pippen" "Apple"]
[green-con gf "kermitthefrog" "Frog"]
(add! c (uri f (str ex s)) RDF/TYPE (uri rf (str ex o))))
;; query each of the stores; observe that the federated one is the union of the other two:
(doseq [[kind rcon] [["red" red-con]
["green" green-con]
["federated" rainbow-con]]]
(println kind "apples:")
(printlns (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL
"select ?s where { ?s rdf:type ex:Apple }"
;; (defn test17
;; "Prolog queries"
;; []
;; (with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection (test6))]
;; (.deleteEnvironment rcon "kennedys") ;; start fresh
;; (.setEnvironment rcon "kennedys")
;; (.setNamespace rcon "kdy" "")
;; (.setRuleLanguage rcon lang-prolog)
;; (.addRules rcon "
;; (<-- (female ?x) ;; IF
;; (q ?x !kdy:sex !kdy:female))
;; (<-- (male ?x) ;; IF
;; (q ?x !kdy:sex !kdy:male))
;; ")
;; ;; This causes a failure(correctly):
;; ;; conn.deleteRule('male')
;; (with-results [row (prepare-query rcon {:type :tuple :lang lang-prolog} "
;; (select (?person ?name)
;; (q ?person !rdf:type !kdy:person)
;; (male ?person)
;; (q ?person !kdy:first-name ?name)
;; )
;; ")]
;; (println row))))
(defn test26
"Queries per second."
(with-open2 [rcon (repo-connection (test6))]
(let [reps 10
vf (.getValueFactory rcon)
context (uri vf "")
contexts (resource-array [context])
ajax (literal vf "AFC Ajax")]
;; (let [begin (System/currentTimeMillis)
;; count (last (map (fn [_] (count (cursor-all (statements-cursor rcon nil nil ajax false context nil))))
;; (repeat reps nil)))
;; end (System/currentTimeMillis)]
;; (printf "Did %s %s-row matches in %s.%s seconds."
;; reps count (int (/ (- end begin) 1000)) (mod (- end begin) 1000))
;; (println))
(let [begin (System/currentTimeMillis)
count (last (map (fn [_] (with-open2 []
(count (get-statements rcon nil nil nil false nil))))
(repeat reps nil)))
end (System/currentTimeMillis)]
(printf "Did %s %s-row matches in %s.%s seconds."
reps count (int (/ (- end begin) 1000)) (mod (- end begin) 1000))
(doseq [size [1 5 10 100]]
(let [queryString (str "select ?x ?y ?z where {?x ?y ?z} limit " size)]
(let [begin (System/currentTimeMillis)
count (last (map (fn [_] (with-open2 []
(count (tuple-query rcon QueryLanguage/SPARQL queryString))))
(repeat reps nil)))
end (System/currentTimeMillis)]
(printf "Did %s %s-row matches in %s.%s seconds."
reps count (int (/ (- end begin) 1000)) (mod (- end begin) 1000))
(defn test-all
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