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rfe10669 - modify Java Prepush tests for set engine changes

Adds hair to accept one of two different error messages when SPARQL
is asked to check variable sanity in a query. The algebra engine
uses one and the set engine uses the other. The change does not, however,
depend on the set engine so it can just go in whenever.

tests added    : no
tests run      : java-prepush
performance    : no change
release-note   : none, internal testing change only
fast trackable : YES

Change-Id: Ie1843a9be3490666ccd1a276ba523b2d43e83470
Reviewed-by: Gary Warren King <>
Reviewed-by: John O'Rourke <>
Tested-by: Kevin Layer <>
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1 parent d8ded2d commit c96d631f9436a8bb204c3bc88fd834718d6dada7 Gary King committed with dklayer May 3, 2011
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@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ public void sparqlOrderByError_bug19157_rfe9971() throws Exception {
qe.execSelect();"query should have failed because of ?x");
} catch (Exception e) {
- if ( ! e.getMessage().contains("MALFORMED QUERY: Variables do not intersect with query: ?x")) {
+ if ( ! (e.getMessage().contains("MALFORMED QUERY: Variables do not intersect with query: ?x") || e.getMessage().contains("unknown variable in order expression: ?x")) ) {
throw e;

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