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bug20341: corrected 2 bad links in javadoc

This changes corrects 2 typos in javadoc that corrupted external links
to the N-Quads specification.

make javadoc runs clean.  Manually tested the corrected links.

Doc correction, no release note needed.

Change-Id: I76c1f1ecded25fa21ad78d9bae3390c98d847c69
Reviewed-by: Ahmon Dancy <>
Reviewed-by: Kevin Layer <>
Tested-by: Kevin Layer <>
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1 parent 53ac714 commit ef569298df76468a7914b3ae673c84954be3c136 Bill Millar committed with dklayer Jun 30, 2011
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
* An implementation of the RDFWriter interface that writes RDF documents in
* N-Quads format. The N-Quads format is defined
- * <a href="href="">here</a>.
+ * <a href="">here</a>.
public class NQuadsWriter implements RDFWriter {
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
Parser and writer for RDF in N-Quads format. The N-Quads format is
-defined <a href="href="">here</a>.
+defined <a href="">here</a>.
OpenRDF has no N-Quads implementation at the time of writing; this is
based on

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