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;; -*- mode: common-lisp; package: net.aserve -*-
;; See the file LICENSE for the full license governing this code.
;; Description:
;; aserve's main loop
;;- This code in this file obeys the Lisp Coding Standard found in
(in-package :net.aserve)
(eval-when (compile) (declaim (optimize (speed 3))))
; stream that reads the input and chunks the data to the output
(def-stream-class chunking-stream (single-channel-simple-stream)
((trailers :initform nil :accessor chunking-stream-trailers)
(eof-sent :initform nil :accessor chunking-stream-eof-sent)))
;; Mention class in make-instance after class def to avoid bug24329.
(defun make-instance-chunking-stream+output-handle (output-handle)
(make-instance 'chunking-stream :output-handle output-handle))
(defmethod chunking-stream-trailers (stream)
;; so this will return nil for non chunkers
(declare (ignore stream))
(defvar *binary-crlf*
(make-array 2 :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)
:initial-contents '(#.(char-code #\return)
#.(char-code #\linefeed))))
(defmethod device-open ((p chunking-stream) dummy options)
(declare (ignore dummy))
(let ((output-handle (getf options :output-handle)))
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::input-handle) nil)
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::output-handle) output-handle)
p (stream-external-format output-handle)
(add-stream-instance-flags p :output :simple)
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::buffer)
(or (getf options :buffer)
(make-array (* 4 1024) :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::control-out) excl::*std-control-out-table*)
;; this is so that if a deflate stream is sending data to the chunker
;; the deflate stream will know to send a chunking eof when the deflate
;; stream is closed. It doesn't want to close the chunking stream since
;; due to the logic in there may be further attempts to
;; force-output the chunking stream and close it.
(declare (special sys::*deflate-target-stream-close-hook*))
(setq sys::*deflate-target-stream-close-hook* 'send-chunking-eof))
(defmethod print-object ((stream chunking-stream) s)
(print-unreadable-object (stream s :identity *print-escape* :type t)
(format s "ef ~s, to ~s "
(excl::ef-name (find-external-format (stream-external-format stream)))
(slot-value stream 'excl::output-handle))))
(defmethod device-write ((p chunking-stream) buffer start end blocking)
(declare (ignore blocking))
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::oc-state) nil)
(let ((buffer (or buffer (slot-value p 'excl::buffer)))
(output (slot-value p 'excl::output-handle)))
(setq end (or end (length buffer)))
(if* (> end start)
then ; write it out with chunking
; chunk header
(format output "~x" (- end start))
(write-sequence *binary-crlf* output)
(write-sequence buffer output :start start :end end)
(write-sequence *binary-crlf* output)
(force-output output)))
(defmethod device-close ((p chunking-stream) abort)
;; note: we don't close the inner stream
(if* (not abort)
then (force-output p)
(send-chunking-eof p))
(defmethod send-chunking-eof ((p chunking-stream))
(if* (not (chunking-stream-eof-sent p))
then (let ((inner-stream (slot-value p 'excl::output-handle)))
; chunking eof
(write-char #\0 inner-stream)
(write-sequence *binary-crlf* inner-stream)
(dolist (trailer (chunking-stream-trailers p))
(write-sequence (string (car trailer)) inner-stream)
(write-sequence ": " inner-stream)
(if* (cdr trailer) then (write-sequence (cdr trailer) inner-stream))
(write-sequence *binary-crlf* inner-stream))
(write-sequence *binary-crlf* inner-stream)
(force-output inner-stream)
(setf (chunking-stream-eof-sent p) t))))
(defmethod send-chunking-eof (p)
;; do nothing for other kinds of streams
(defmethod excl::inner-stream ((p chunking-stream))
(slot-value p 'excl::output-handle)))
(defmethod set-trailers (p trailers)
;; by default we can't set trailers
(declare (ignore p trailers))
;; do nothing
(defmethod can-set-trailers-p (p)
(declare (ignore p))
(defmethod set-trailers ((p deflate-stream) trailers)
(set-trailers (deflate-target-stream p) trailers))
(defmethod can-set-trailers-p ((p deflate-stream))
(can-set-trailers-p (deflate-target-stream p)))
(defmethod excl::socket-bytes-written ((stream deflate-stream) &optional set)
(excl::socket-bytes-written (deflate-target-stream stream) set))
(defmethod excl::socket-bytes-read ((stream deflate-stream) &optional set)
(excl::socket-bytes-read (deflate-target-stream stream) set))
(defmethod set-trailers ((p chunking-stream) trailers)
;; Set the values only for the trailers we've already declared
(let ((saved-trailers (chunking-stream-trailers p)))
(if* (consp trailers)
then (dolist (trailer trailers)
(if* (and (consp trailer)
(or (stringp (car trailer))
(symbolp (car trailer)))
(stringp (cdr trailer)))
then (let ((ent (assoc (header-kwdize (car trailer)) saved-trailers
:test #'eq)))
(if* ent
then (setf (cdr ent) (cdr trailer)))))))))
(defmethod can-set-trailers-p ((p chunking-stream))
(defmethod set-trailers ((req http-request) trailers)
(set-trailers (request-reply-stream req) trailers))
(defmethod can-set-trailers-p ((req http-request))
(can-set-trailers-p (request-reply-stream req)))
(defmethod excl::socket-bytes-written ((stream http-request) &optional set)
(excl::socket-bytes-written (request-reply-stream stream) set))
(defmethod excl::socket-bytes-read ((stream http-request) &optional set)
(excl::socket-bytes-read (request-reply-stream stream) set))
;;; un chunking
;; (make-instance 'unchunker-stream :input-handle stream)
;; creates a unchunker-stream which filters the input-handle stream
;; filters out the meta data about chunk sizes.
;; unchunker stream returns eof when the end of the chunked data
;; is reached however the inner stream is not closed.
(def-stream-class unchunking-stream (single-channel-simple-stream)
((state :initform :need-count
:accessor unchunking-state)
(count :initform 0
:accessor unchunking-count)
(trailers :initform nil
:accessor unchunking-trailers)
;; Mention class in make-instance after class def to avoid bug24329.
(defun make-instance-unchunking-stream+input-handle (input-handle)
(make-instance 'unchunking-stream :input-handle input-handle))
(defmethod unchunking-trailers ((stream inflate-stream))
(unchunking-trailers (slot-value stream 'excl::input-handle)))
(defmethod unchunking-trailers (stream)
;; so this returns nil if stream isn't a chunker
(declare (ignore stream))
(defmethod socket-bytes-written ((stream unchunking-stream) &optional set)
(excl::socket-bytes-written (excl::stream-input-handle stream) set))
(defmethod socket-bytes-read ((stream unchunking-stream) &optional set)
(excl::socket-bytes-read (excl::stream-input-handle stream) set))
(defmethod device-open ((p unchunking-stream) dummy options)
(declare (ignore dummy))
(let ((input-handle (getf options :input-handle)))
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::input-handle) input-handle)
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::output-handle) nil)
p (stream-external-format input-handle) nil)
(setf (stream-external-format p) (stream-external-format input-handle))
(add-stream-instance-flags p :input :simple)
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::buffer)
(or (getf options :buffer)
(make-array (* 4 1024) :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::co-state) nil)
(setf (slot-value p 'excl::oc-state) nil)
(defmethod print-object ((stream unchunking-stream) s)
(print-unreadable-object (stream s :identity *print-escape* :type t)
(format s "ef ~s, from ~s "
(excl::ef-name (find-external-format (stream-external-format stream)))
(slot-value stream 'excl::input-handle))))
(defmethod device-read ((p unchunking-stream) buffer start end blocking)
(declare (ignore blocking))
(setq buffer (or buffer (slot-value p 'excl::buffer)))
(setq end (or end (length buffer)))
(let ((state (unchunking-state p))
(ins (slot-value p 'excl::input-handle)))
(case state
(return-from device-read -1))
(let ((count 0)
(seen nil))
; read and parse
(let ((ch (read-byte ins nil nil)))
(if* (null ch)
then (error "premature eof before chunking data"))
(if* (<= #.(char-int #\0) ch #.(char-int #\9))
then (setq count (+ (ash count 4) (- ch #.(char-int #\0)))
seen t)
elseif (<= #.(char-int #\a) ch #.(char-int #\f))
then (setq count (+ (ash count 4) 10 (- ch #.(char-int #\a)))
seen t)
elseif (<= #.(char-int #\A) ch #.(char-int #\F))
then (setq count (+ (ash count 4) (+ 10 (- ch #.(char-int #\A))))
seen t)
elseif seen
then (return) ; valid count
else ; non hex char
(error "bad chunking count"))))
; now skip to newline
(let ((ch (read-byte ins nil nil)))
(if* (null ch) then (error "premature eof before chunking data"))
(if* (eq ch #.(char-int #\newline))
then (return))))
(if* (zerop count)
then ; chunking eof, read trailers and trailing crlf
; read any trailers
(setf (unchunking-trailers p) (read-trailers ins))
; return signal of eof
(setf (unchunking-state p) :eof)
(return-from device-read -1)
else ; now ready to ready data
(setf (unchunking-state p) :read-data
(unchunking-count p) count)
;; we'll read all we can from this chunk
(let ((count (unchunking-count p)))
(if* (zerop count)
then ; read crlf
(setf (unchunking-state p) :need-count)
else (do ((bytes-read 0)
(i start (+ i bytes-read))
(count count (- count bytes-read)))
((or (zerop count)
(>= i end))
(if* (zerop count)
then (loop (let ((ch (read-byte ins)))
(if* (eq ch #.(char-int #\newline))
then (return))))
(setf (unchunking-state p) :need-count))
(setf (unchunking-count p) count)
(return-from device-read (- i start)))
(let ((res (read-vector buffer ins :start i :end (min (+ i count) end))))
(if* (= res i)
then (return-from device-read -1))
(setf bytes-read (- res i)))))))))))
(defun read-trailers (ins)
;; read the trailers from the unchunking stream
(let ((trailers)
(let ((ch (read-byte ins nil nil)))
(if* (null ch) then (error "premature eof before chunking data"))
(if* (eq ch #.(char-int #\newline))
then ; see if we've seen a header value
(if* header
then (setq header (make-array (length header)
:element-type 'character
:initial-contents (nreverse header))
value (if* value
then (let ((value (nreverse value)))
; eliminate leading blanks
(if* (eq #\space (car value))
then (pop value)
else (return)))
(setq value
(make-array (length value)
:element-type 'character
else (setq value "")))
(push (cons header value) trailers)
(setq header nil value nil)
else ; blank line, end of trailers
(return trailers))
elseif (eq ch #.(char-int #\return))
then nil ;ignore
else (if* (eq ch #.(char-int #\:))
then (if* value
then (push (code-char ch) value)
elseif header
then (push #\space value)
else ; colon beginning a line.. bogus
; so create a header
(setq header (list #\x #\x #\x)
value (list #\space)))
elseif value
then (push (code-char ch) value)
else (push (code-char ch) header)))))))
(defmethod device-close ((p unchunking-stream) abort)
(declare (ignore abort))
(defmethod excl::inner-stream ((p unchunking-stream))
(slot-value p 'excl::input-handle)))
(defmethod excl::record-stream-advance-to-eof ((p unchunking-stream))
;; if the stream is composed of records ending in a pseudo eof
;; then read up to an eof
;; advance to eof
(if* (null (read-byte p nil nil)) then (return)))