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In webactions clp functions will be named

Functions defined with def-clp-function will now have a name
like (:clp "mymod_myfun") which will make it easier to
distinguish them in a backtrace when debugging.

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Is bootstrapping needed?   no

Are tests included for new features?  no new features

Tests run:  t-aserve, t-webactions

Change-Id: I03c8855570f0e1051ede79770935dbf5dea06fc0
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John Foderaro
John Foderaro committed Dec 28, 2011
1 parent 54adb6e commit 66f62326cef7db08b35a7feeb355880146e8ba73
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@@ -780,7 +780,7 @@ to separate the module part from the function name part, ~s doesn't" name))
`(setf (gethash ,function
(find-clp-module ,module :create t))
- #'(lambda ,args ,@body))))
+ (named-function (:clp ,name) (lambda ,args ,@body)))))

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