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cbd98fe see ChangeLog
dancy authored
1 maild -q -v can take a long time to terminate, even when the last
2 delivery has been performed. This is probably due to the infrequent
3 checking done in the queue thread count limiting code
4 (queue-process-all function in See if semaphores
5 can be used to make things more snappy.
1e92791 v1.1.55 Added PAM support
dancy authored
08b372c Added first rev of SuSE RPM support
dancy authored
7 Improve logging.
8 * Output should be in a more consistent format.
9 * All messages related to a particular queue id should be prefixed.
10 with that ID.
11 * All messages related to an SMTP connection should be prefixed
12 with smtpd and the IP address of the peer.
1935ba9 See ChangeLog
dancy authored
14 Make sure that maild never tries to make an SMTP connection to itself.
15 It should immediately bounce in that case. or should it just hold it
16 and log a complaint? I prefer to err on the side of not bouncing.. so
17 that a sysadmin can make fixes and get a message to go through after
18 discovering the problem.
47db16e See ChangeLog
dancy authored
20 Optionally honor Errors-To header.
e8d06eb See ChangeLog
dancy authored
1bc385f additional files
dancy authored
22 Possibility:
23 Messages w/o a To, Cc: or Bcc: header should have one of them
24 automatically addeded. The method in which this is done should be
25 configurable. Sendmail has the following options:
26 don't do anything
27 add a To: header
28 add Apparently-To: header
29 add empty Bcc: header
30 add To: undisclosed:; header
33 RFCs 1891 and 1894 discuss standards for delivery status notification
3b02eef minor updates.
dancy authored
34 (bounces, return receipts, etc).
1bc385f additional files
dancy authored
36 sendmail has a connect timeout (defaults to the kernel's timeout) and
37 an iconnect timeout. The latter is used to immediately send mail to
38 responsive hosts. It is a short timeout (a few seconds). If it times
3b02eef minor updates.
dancy authored
39 out, the messsage is sent backgrounded instead.
1bc385f additional files
dancy authored
41 Disk space checker. Don't accept mails if the spool directory has
42 less than 'x' blocks free. The error message:
43 452 4.4.5 Insufficient disk space; try again later
3b02eef minor updates.
dancy authored
44 use (excl.osi:get-filesystem-free-space)
a2752fd v1.2.18. Changes to handle SIZE client/server extension and keep size…
Ahmon Dancy authored
45 Integrate this w/ the MAIL FROM SIZE= parameter as well (if supplied by the
46 client)
1bc385f additional files
dancy authored
69ceee5 delay longer and longer for each RCPT TO failure
dancy authored
48 Limit the number of threads. This is done for delivery threads, but
22b03cc Incompatible changes! see changelog
dancy authored
49 not for SMTP threads. Also add load average control. If it gets past
50 a certain point, stop accepting mail via SMTP and only queue mails
51 from command line.
ee94739 2004-12-15 Kevin Layer <>
layer authored
3b02eef minor updates.
dancy authored
53 Pass some useful environment variables to program aliases (like
54 postfix does).
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