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Security thoughts and philosophies:
.forward files aren't supported. We don't use them at Franz and
they seem to represent a buttload of annoying security issues.
The variable *local-delivery-user* specifies the user under which the
local delivery program is executed. It is "root" by default.
Delivery to programs via the aliases file (e.g., majordomo:
|/home/majordomo/wrapper...) is executed under user
*program-alias-user* which defaults to "mailnull". This is the same
as sendmail. The user can be overridden on a per-alias basis by using
special syntax: |(user)/path/to/program. This way, if you need to
have something run as root, you can do so without having to make the
program setuid root.
Delivery to files via the aliases file (e.g., archive:
/home/archives/archivefile) is done as root. This is due to the
difficulty of forking the lisp when multithreading is in use.
Delivery to files: If the file does not exist, it is created w/ mode
0600 and owned by root. If the file does exist, it is simply appended
(file locking is used (via with-stream-lock) to avoid scrambled
files). Files in world/group writable directories are not allowed.
World/group writable files are allowed, however.
For safety, maild will abort operations if any of the following
are world/group writable.. or in world/group writable directories... or
not owned by root:
* The config file
* The aliases file
* Programs on the right-hand-side of aliases (okay if not owned by root)
* The local delivery program
* The spool directory
:include: files in aliases: For safety, :include: files may not
contain additional :include: directives, nor file delivery
destinations, nor program delivery destinations. This means that a
mailing list can still be set up for a random user, but they will not
gain any privileges beyond adding email addresses to that list.
The queue directory should be created with 0600 mode to prevent
regular users from snooping around. I also made the -bp and -q
command line arguments root-only. Regular users don't need to know
what mail is going where.
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