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;; copyright (C) 2003 Franz Inc, Oakland, CA - All rights reserved.
;; The software, data and information contained herein are proprietary
;; to, and comprise valuable trade secrets of, Franz, Inc. They are
;; given in confidence by Franz, Inc. pursuant to a written license
;; agreement, and may be stored and used only in accordance with the terms
;; of such license.
;; Restricted Rights Legend
;; ------------------------
;; Use, duplication, and disclosure of the software, data and information
;; contained herein by any agency, department or entity of the U.S.
;; Government are subject to restrictions of Restricted Rights for
;; Commercial Software developed at private expense as specified in
;; DOD FAR Supplement 52.227-7013 (c) (1) (ii), as applicable.
;; $Id:,v 1.13 2006/04/12 17:34:29 dancy Exp $
(in-package :user)
(defstruct emailaddr
orig) ;; without angle brackets
(defstruct addrspec
;; utilities
(defun emailaddr= (addr1 addr2)
(and (equalp (emailaddr-user addr1) (emailaddr-user addr2))
(equalp (emailaddr-domain addr1) (emailaddr-domain addr2))))
(defun emailnullp (addr)
(and (null (emailaddr-user addr))
(null (emailaddr-domain addr))))
(defun make-parsed-and-unparsed-address (thing)
(if (stringp thing)
(let ((parsed (parse-email-addr thing)))
(if (null parsed)
(error "Invalid address: ~A" thing))
(values parsed thing))
(values thing (emailaddr-orig thing))))
;; Front ends to the complex stuff below.
;; This is intended to be used for envelope addresses.
(defun sep-tokens-by-comma (tokens)
(let (res)
(while tokens
(let (tmp)
;; skip any leading whitespace
(if (whitespace-token-p (first tokens))
(pop tokens))
(while (and tokens (not (comma-token-p (first tokens))))
(push (pop tokens) tmp))
(if tmp ;; don't add blank entries
(push (nreverse tmp) res)))
;; we're at a comma or done w/ tokens.
(pop tokens))
(nreverse res)))
(defun printable-from-addrspec (addr)
(if (null (addrspec-user addr))
(if (null (addrspec-domain addr))
(format nil "@~A" (addrspec-domain addr)))
(if (null (addrspec-domain addr))
(addrspec-user addr)
(format nil "~A@~A" (addrspec-user addr) (addrspec-domain addr)))))
(defun mailbox-to-addrspec (mailbox)
(let ((thing (second mailbox)))
((addrspec-p thing)
((nameaddr-p thing)
(angle-addr-to-addrspec (nameaddr-angleaddr thing)))
(error "Unexpected mailbox subtype: ~S" thing)))))
(defun addrspec-to-emailaddr (addr)
(make-emailaddr :user (addrspec-user addr)
:domain (addrspec-domain addr)
:orig (printable-from-addrspec addr)))
(defun mailbox-to-emailaddr (mailbox)
(addrspec-to-emailaddr (mailbox-to-addrspec mailbox)))
;; only accepts mailbox style addresses
(defun parse-email-addr (string &key (pos 0) allow-null)
(multiple-value-bind (mb remaining-tokens)
(parse-mailbox (emailaddr-lex string :pos pos))
(when (and mb (null remaining-tokens))
(let ((addr (mailbox-to-emailaddr mb)))
(if (or
(and (null (emailaddr-user addr)) (null (emailaddr-domain addr))
(not allow-null))
(and (null (emailaddr-user addr)) (emailaddr-domain addr)))
;; stuff from RFC 2822
;; Added #\return even though it's not in the spec
(defparameter *wsp* '(:or #\tab #\space #\return))
(defparameter *obs-fws* '((:one-or-more *wsp*)
(#\newline (:one-or-more *wsp*)))))
(defparameter *fws* *obs-fws*)
(defun no-ws-ctl-p (char)
(let ((code (char-code char)))
(or (<= 1 code 8)
(= code 11)
(= code 12)
(<= 14 code 31)
(= code 127))))
(defun ctextp (char)
(let ((code (char-code char)))
(or (no-ws-ctl-p char)
(<= 33 code 39)
(<= 42 code 91)
(<= 93 code 126))))
(defparameter *quoted-pair* '(#\\ (:char-predicate characterp)))
(defparameter *ccontent* '(:or
(:char-predicate ctextp)
(defparameter *comment* '(#\(
((:optional *fws*) *ccontent*))
(:optional *fws*)
;; Not the definition from RFC2822. It didn't work well
;; with my lexer.
(defparameter *cfws* '(:one-or-more (:or *fws* *comment*)))
;; Characters that are allowed in a user name or domain name.
(defun atext-char-p (char)
(or (alphanumericp char)
(member char '(#\! #\# #\$ #\% #\& #\' #\* #\+ #\- #\/ #\= #\?
#\^ #\_ #\` #\{ #\| #\} #\~))))
(defparameter *atom* '(:one-or-more (:char-predicate atext-char-p)))
(defparameter *dot-atom* '((:optional *cfws*)
(:optional *cfws*)))
(defparameter *dot-atom-text* '((:one-or-more (:char-predicate atext-char-p))
(#\. (:one-or-more
(:char-predicate atext-char-p))))))
;; Less strict than the specification since some popular email systems
;; (Yahoo mail, for example) pass emails with 8-bit characters in the
;; headers.
(defun qtextp (char)
(let ((code (char-code char)))
(or (no-ws-ctl-p char)
(= code 23)
(<= 35 code 91)
(<= 93 code 255)))) ;; strictly, should be (<= 93 code 126)
(defparameter *qcontent* '(:or (:char-predicate qtextp) *quoted-pair*))
(defparameter *quoted-string* '(#\"
((:optional *fws*)
(:optional *fws*)
;; lexical constructs:
;; whitespace [combined into a single space]
;; comments.
;; quoted strings
;; special characters
;; atoms (runs of characters that aren't special)
(defun emailaddr-lex-help (string &key (pos 0) (max (length string)))
(block nil
(if (>= pos max)
(return nil))
(let (newpos)
(dolist (pair '((*fws* :whitespace)
(*comment* :comment)
(*quoted-string* :quoted-string)
(*atom* :atom)))
(setf newpos (lex (first pair) string :pos pos :max max))
(if newpos
(return-from emailaddr-lex-help
(values newpos
(list (second pair) (subseq string pos newpos))))))
;; must be a special char
(values (1+ pos) (list :special (schar string pos))))))
(defun emailaddr-lex (string &key (pos 0) (max (length string)))
(let (res)
(multiple-value-bind (newpos data)
(emailaddr-lex-help string :pos pos :max max)
(if (null newpos)
(push data res)
(setf pos newpos)))
(nreverse res)))
(defun atom-token-p (token)
(and (listp token) (eq (first token) :atom)))
(defun quoted-string-token-p (token)
(and (listp token) (eq (first token) :quoted-string)))
(defun comment-token-p (token)
(and (listp token) (eq (first token) :comment)))
(defun whitespace-token-p (token)
(and (listp token) (eq (first token) :whitespace)))
(defun some-special-token-p (token char)
(and (listp token)
(eq (first token) :special)
(char= char (second token))))
(defun dot-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\.))
(defun @-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\@))
(defun <-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\<))
(defun >-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\>))
(defun [-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\[))
(defun ]-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\]))
(defun colon-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\:))
(defun semicolon-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\;))
(defun comma-token-p (token)
(some-special-token-p token #\,))
(defun word-token-p (token)
(or (atom-token-p token)
(quoted-string-token-p token)))
(defun strip-comments (tokens)
(let (comments res)
(dolist (token tokens)
(if (comment-token-p token)
(push token comments)
(push token res)))
;; Sanity check. There should only be a single non-comment.
(if (> (length res) 1)
(error "strip-comments got more than one non-comment result"))
(values (nreverse comments) (first res))))
;; Returns a list of the tokens that make up a word. This could
;; include comments before and after. Whitespace is stripped if desired.
;; Also return the remaining tokens
;; or.. if strip-comments is true, return
;; word token, comments, remaining tokens
(defun parse-word (tokens &key strip-comments strip-white)
(let (res token seenword)
(setf token (first tokens))
((word-token-p token)
(if seenword
(return)) ;; break out of loop.
(setf seenword t)
(push token res))
((comment-token-p token) ;; save comments
(push token res))
((whitespace-token-p token)
(if (not strip-white)
(push token res)))
(t ;; must be a special or something. Terminate
(pop tokens))
(if strip-comments
(multiple-value-bind (comments non-comment)
(strip-comments (nreverse res))
(values non-comment comments tokens))
(values (nreverse res) tokens))))
(defun print-phrase (tokens &optional (stream t))
(dolist (token tokens)
(print-token token stream)))
;; Return the tokens that make up a phrase.
;; plus the remaining tokens
(defun parse-phrase (tokens)
(block nil
(let (res)
(multiple-value-bind (wordtokens newtokens)
(parse-word tokens)
(if (null wordtokens)
(return nil))
(setf res (nconc res wordtokens))
(setf tokens newtokens))
(if (or (dot-token-p (first tokens))
(whitespace-token-p (first tokens)))
(setf res (nconc res (list (pop tokens))))
(multiple-value-bind (wordtokens newtokens)
(parse-word tokens)
(if (null wordtokens)
(setf res (nconc res wordtokens))
(setf tokens newtokens))))
(return (values res tokens)))))
(defun unquote-quoted-string (string)
(let ((outstring (make-string (length string)))
(outpos 0)
(inpos 0)
(max (length string))
(while (< inpos max)
(setf char (schar string inpos))
(setq quote nil)
(setf (schar outstring outpos) char)
(incf outpos)
(incf inpos))
((char= char #\")
(incf inpos))
((char= char #\\)
(incf inpos)
(setf quote t))
(setf (schar outstring outpos) char)
(incf outpos)
(incf inpos))))
(subseq outstring 0 outpos)))
(defun unquote-word (token)
((atom-token-p token)
(second token))
((quoted-string-token-p token)
(unquote-quoted-string (second token)))
(error "Unexpected token passed to unquote-word: ~S" token))))
;; Returns the unquoted string that is represented by the dotted words.
;; and the quoted string
;; and any comments founds within it
;; and the remaining tokens.
(defun parse-dotted-words (tokens)
(let (resq resuq comments)
(multiple-value-bind (wordtoken cmnts newtokens)
(parse-word tokens :strip-comments t :strip-white t)
(if (null wordtoken)
(return (values resuq resq comments tokens)))
(if* (null resq)
(setf resq "")
(setf resuq ""))
(setf resuq (concatenate 'string resuq (unquote-word wordtoken)))
(setf resq (concatenate 'string resq (second wordtoken)))
(setf comments (nconc comments cmnts))
(setf tokens newtokens)
(if (not (dot-token-p (first tokens)))
(return (values resuq resq comments tokens)))
(setf resq (concatenate 'string resq "."))
(setf resuq (concatenate 'string resuq "."))
(pop tokens)))))
(defun print-addrspec (token &optional (stream t))
(dolist (comment (addrspec-userprecomments token))
(print-token comment stream))
(if (addrspec-user token)
(write-string (addrspec-user token) stream))
(dolist (comment (addrspec-userpostcomments token))
(print-token comment stream))
(if (addrspec-domain token)
(write-char #\@ stream))
(dolist (comment (addrspec-domainprecomments token))
(print-token comment stream))
(if (addrspec-domain token)
(write-string (addrspec-domain token) stream))
(dolist (comment (addrspec-domainpostcomments token))
(print-token comment stream)))
;; Sendmail takes the first comment it finds before the addr-spec and
;; restores it to the front.. and any comments found after that or in
;; the middle of the addr-spec go at the end. It also allows either
;; the local part or the domain part to be missing. Higher level
;; code will need to complain when necessary.
(defun parse-addr-spec (tokens)
(block nil
(let ((spec (make-addrspec)))
;; collect any comments/whitespace.
(multiple-value-bind (cws newtokens)
(collect-comments-and-whitespace tokens)
(setf (addrspec-userprecomments spec) cws)
(setf tokens newtokens))
(if (not (@-token-p (first tokens)))
(multiple-value-bind (localpart localpartq comments newtokens)
(parse-dotted-words tokens)
(declare (ignore localpartq))
(if (null localpart)
(return nil))
(setf (addrspec-user spec) localpart)
(setf (addrspec-userpostcomments spec) comments)
(setf tokens newtokens)))
;; done w/ the local part.
(if (not (@-token-p (first tokens)))
(return (values spec tokens)))
(pop tokens)
;; collect any comments/whitespace.
(multiple-value-bind (cws newtokens)
(collect-comments-and-whitespace tokens)
(setf (addrspec-domainprecomments spec) cws)
(setf tokens newtokens))
;; insert parse-domain-literal stuff here.
(multiple-value-bind (domainpart domainpartq comments newtokens)
(parse-dotted-words tokens)
(declare (ignore domainpartq))
;; This situation is allowed in sendmail. It is
;; treated as a local addr.
(if (null domainpart)
(return (values spec tokens)))
(setf (addrspec-domain spec) domainpart)
(setf (addrspec-domainpostcomments spec) comments)
(values spec newtokens)))))
;; Not to spec
(defun parse-domain-literal (tokens)
(block nil
(if (not ([-token-p (first tokens)))
(return nil))
(pop tokens)
(let (res token string)
(setf token (pop tokens))
(if (null token)
(return-from parse-domain-literal))
(if (]-token-p token)
(push token res))
(setf string
(with-output-to-string (s)
(write-char #\[ s)
(print-token-list (nreverse res) s)
(write-char #\] s)))
(values string tokens))))
(defun collect-comments-and-whitespace (tokens)
(let (res)
(if (or (whitespace-token-p (first tokens))
(comment-token-p (first tokens)))
(push (pop tokens) res)
(values (nreverse res) tokens)))
(defun print-angle-addr (token &optional (stream t))
(dolist (comment (second token))
(print-token comment stream)
(write-char #\space stream))
(write-string "<" stream)
(print-addrspec (third token) stream)
(write-string ">" stream)
(dolist (comment (fourth token))
(print-token comment stream)
(write-char #\space stream)))
(defun angle-addr-to-addrspec (angleaddr)
(third angleaddr))
(defun parse-angle-addr (tokens)
(block nil
(let (precomments postcomments spec)
(multiple-value-setq (precomments tokens)
(collect-comments-and-whitespace tokens))
(if (not (<-token-p (first tokens)))
(return nil))
(pop tokens)
(if (>-token-p (first tokens)) ;; <>
(list :angle-addr precomments (make-addrspec) nil)
(rest tokens))))
(multiple-value-setq (spec tokens)
(parse-addr-spec tokens))
(if (null spec)
(return nil))
(if (not (>-token-p (first tokens)))
(return nil))
(pop tokens)
(multiple-value-setq (postcomments tokens)
(collect-comments-and-whitespace tokens))
(list :angle-addr precomments spec postcomments)
(defstruct nameaddr
(defun print-nameaddr (token &optional (stream t))
(if (nameaddr-displayname token)
(print-phrase (nameaddr-displayname token) stream))
(print-angle-addr (nameaddr-angleaddr token) stream))
(defun parse-nameaddr (tokens)
(block nil
(multiple-value-bind (phrase newtokens)
(parse-phrase tokens)
;; phrase is optional.
(if phrase
(setf tokens newtokens))
(multiple-value-bind (angleaddr newtokens)
(parse-angle-addr tokens)
(if (null angleaddr)
(return nil))
(make-nameaddr :displayname phrase :angleaddr angleaddr)
(defun print-mailbox (token &optional (stream t))
(print-token (second token) stream))
;; mailbox = name-addr / addr-spec
(defun parse-mailbox (tokens)
(block nil
(multiple-value-bind (nameaddr newtokens)
(parse-nameaddr tokens)
(if nameaddr
(return (values (list :mailbox nameaddr) newtokens))))
(multiple-value-bind (addrspec newtokens)
(parse-addr-spec tokens)
(if addrspec
(return (values (list :mailbox addrspec) newtokens)))
(defun skip-cfws (tokens)
(while (and tokens
(or (whitespace-token-p (first tokens))
(comment-token-p (first tokens))))
(pop tokens))
(defun collect-cfws (tokens)
(let (res)
(while (and tokens
(or (whitespace-token-p (first tokens))
(comment-token-p (first tokens))))
(push (pop tokens) res))
(values (nreverse res) tokens)))
(defun print-groupspec (token &optional (stream t))
(print-phrase (groupspec-displayname token) stream)
(write-char #\: stream)
(print-token (groupspec-mailbox-list token) stream)
(print-token-list (groupspec-pre-semi token) stream)
(write-char #\; stream)
(print-token-list (groupspec-post-semi token) stream))
(defstruct groupspec
;;group = display-name ":" [mailbox-list / CFWS] ";"
(defun parse-group (tokens)
(block nil
(let ((g (make-groupspec)))
(multiple-value-bind (dispname newtokens)
(parse-phrase tokens)
(if (null dispname)
(return nil))
(setf tokens newtokens)
(if (not (colon-token-p (first tokens)))
(return nil))
(pop tokens)
(setf (groupspec-displayname g) dispname))
(multiple-value-bind (mailboxlist newtokens)
(parse-mailbox-list tokens)
(setf tokens newtokens)
(setf (groupspec-mailbox-list g) mailboxlist))
(multiple-value-bind (pre newtokens)
(collect-cfws tokens)
(setf (groupspec-pre-semi g) pre)
(setf tokens newtokens))
;; Check for the required semicolon
(if (not (semicolon-token-p (first tokens)))
(return nil))
(pop tokens) ;; pop it
(multiple-value-bind (post newtokens)
(collect-cfws tokens)
(setf (groupspec-post-semi g) post)
(setf tokens newtokens))
(values g tokens))))
(defun print-address (token &optional (stream t))
(print-token (second token) stream))
;; mailbox/group
;; we check for group first.. it works out better
(defun parse-address (tokens)
(block nil
(multiple-value-bind (group newtokens)
(parse-group tokens)
(if group
(return (values (list :address group) newtokens))))
(multiple-value-bind (mailbox newtokens)
(parse-mailbox tokens)
(if mailbox
(return (values (list :address mailbox) newtokens))))
;; To: can be an address-list.
;; From: can be a mailbox-list
;; (address lists are a superset of mailbox lists because they can
;; contain groups)
(defun print-mailbox-list (token &optional (stream t))
(let (needcomma)
(dolist (mailbox (second token))
(if needcomma
(write-char #\, stream))
(print-mailbox mailbox stream)
(setf needcomma t))))
(defun parse-mailbox-list (tokens)
(block nil
(let (mailboxes)
(multiple-value-bind (mailbox newtokens)
(parse-mailbox tokens)
(if (null mailbox)
(return (values (list :mailbox-list (nreverse mailboxes))
(push mailbox mailboxes)
(setf tokens newtokens))
(if (not (comma-token-p (first tokens)))
(return (values (list :mailbox-list (nreverse mailboxes))
(pop tokens)))))
(defun print-address-list (token &optional (stream t))
(let (needcomma)
(dolist (address (second token))
(if needcomma
(write-char #\, stream))
(print-address address stream)
(setf needcomma t))))
(defun parse-address-list (tokens)
(block nil
(let (addresses)
(multiple-value-bind (address newtokens)
(parse-address tokens)
(if (null address)
(return (values (list :address-list (nreverse addresses))
(push address addresses)
(setf tokens newtokens))
(if (not (comma-token-p (first tokens)))
(return (values (list :address-list (nreverse addresses))
(pop tokens)))))
;;; for regenerating headers.
(defun print-token-list (tokens &optional (stream t))
(dolist (token tokens)
(print-token token stream)))
(defun print-token (token &optional (stream t))
((addrspec-p token)
(print-addrspec token stream))
((groupspec-p token)
(print-groupspec token stream))
((nameaddr-p token)
(print-nameaddr token stream))
(case (first token)
((:comment :whitespace :quoted-string :atom)
(write-string (second token) stream))
(print-mailbox-list token stream))
(print-address token stream))
(print-mailbox token stream))
(print-address-list token stream))
(print-mailbox-list token stream))
(write-char (second token) stream))
(error "token ~S not handled yet." token))))))
;; unquotes quoted strings
(defun tokens-to-string (tokens &key strip-trailing-white)
(let ((string
(with-output-to-string (s)
(dolist (token tokens)
(case (first token)
((:comment :whitespace :atom)
(write-string (second token) s))
(write-char (second token) s))
(subseq (second token) 1 (1- (length (second token))))
(error "token ~S not handled by tokens-to-string yet."
(if strip-trailing-white
(replace-regexp string "\\b+$" "")
(defun quote-if-necessary (string)
(if* (every #'(lambda (char)
(or (atext-char-p char) (excl::whitespace-char-p char)))
then string
else (format nil "~s" string)))
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