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;; copyright (C) 2003 Franz Inc, Oakland, CA - All rights reserved.
;; The software, data and information contained herein are proprietary
;; to, and comprise valuable trade secrets of, Franz, Inc. They are
;; given in confidence by Franz, Inc. pursuant to a written license
;; agreement, and may be stored and used only in accordance with the terms
;; of such license.
;; Restricted Rights Legend
;; ------------------------
;; Use, duplication, and disclosure of the software, data and information
;; contained herein by any agency, department or entity of the U.S.
;; Government are subject to restrictions of Restricted Rights for
;; Commercial Software developed at private expense as specified in
;; DOD FAR Supplement 52.227-7013 (c) (1) (ii), as applicable.
;; $Id:,v 1.3 2007/05/18 16:21:56 dancy Exp $
(in-package :user)
;; RFC4408
(define-bnf nil nil
(record (version terms (:* sp))
#'(lambda (res)
(second res)))
(version "v=spf1")
(terms (:* ((:one-or-more sp) (:or directive modifier))))
(directive ((:optional qualifier) mechanism))
(qualifier (:or "+" "-" "?" "~"))
(mechanism (:or all include a mx ptr ip4 ip6 exists))
(all "all")
(include ("include" ":" domain-spec))
(a ("a" (:optional (":" domain-spec)) (:optional dual-cidr-length)))
(mx ("mx" (:optional (":" domain-spec)) (:optional dual-cidr-length)))
(ptr ("ptr" (:optional (":" domain-spec))))
(ip4 ("ip4" ":" ip4-network (:optional ip4-cidr-length)))
(ip6 ("ip6" ":" ip6-network (:optional ip6-cidr-length)))
(exists ("exists" ":" domain-spec))
(modifier (:or redirect explanation unknown-modifier))
(redirect ("redirect" "=" domain-spec))
(explanation ("exp" "=" domain-spec))
(unknown-modifier (name "=" macro-string))
(ip4-cidr-length ("/" (:one-or-more digit)))
(ip6-cidr-length ("/" (:one-or-more digit)))
(dual-cidr-length ((:optional ip4-cidr-length) (:optional ("/" ip6-cidr-length))))
(ip4-network (qnum "." qnum "." qnum "." qnum))
;; simplified
(qnum (:one-or-more digit))
(ip6-network (:one-or-more (:or hexdig ":"))) ;; not exact
(domain-spec (macro-string domain-end))
(domain-end (:or ("." toplabel (:optional "."))
(domain-spec macro-string)
(toplabel (:or ((:* alphanum) alpha (:* alphanum))
((:one-or-more alphanum) "-" (:* (:or alphanum "-")) alphanum)))
(alphanum (:or alpha digit))
(explain-string (:* (:or macro-string sp)))
(macro-string (:* (:or macro-expand macro-literal)))
(macro-expand (:or ("%{" macro-letter transformers (:* delimiter) "}")
"%%" "%_" "%-"))
(macro-literal (:or (:char-range #x21 #x24) (:char-range #x26 #x7e)))
(macro-letter (:or "s" "l" "o" "d" "i" "p" "h" "c" "r" "t" "v"))
(transformers ((:* digit) (:optional "r"))
(lambda (res)
(or (ignore-errors
(list-to-delimited-string (first res) "")))
(if (second res) :reverse))))
(delimiter (:or "." "-" "+" "," "/" "_" "="))
(name (alpha (:* (:or alpha digit "-" "_" ".")))
#'(lambda (res)
(concatenate 'string
(first res)
(list-to-delimited-string (second res) "")))))
(defun test-parse (string)
(let ((max (length string)))
(multiple-value-bind (ok res pos)
(bnf-parse-record string)
(if (not ok)
(error "Parse failed.~%"))
(if (/= pos max)
(error "Stopped parsing at: ~a~%" (subseq string pos)))
(pprint res)
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