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(push "" *relay-access*) ;; all local hosts
(push "" *localdomains*)
(setq *masquerade-as* "")
(setq *strip-domain-for-local-delivery* "")
(enable-webserver ;; http://localhost:3666 for stats
;; firewall prevents outside access:
:interface "" :port 3666)
;;;; anti-spam measures:
;; for now, just testing:
(setq *helo-must-match-ip* :log-only)
(setq *reverse-dns-required* nil)
;; DNS blacklisting:
(push "" *dns-blacklists*)
(push "" *dns-blacklists*)
(setq *dns-blacklisted-response-type* :permanent)
(setq *dns-blacklist-failure-response* "Blacklisted by ~A.")
;; Greylisting:
(enable-greylist "/etc/")
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