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;; copyright (C) 2003 Franz Inc, Oakland, CA - All rights reserved.
;; The software, data and information contained herein are proprietary
;; to, and comprise valuable trade secrets of, Franz, Inc. They are
;; given in confidence by Franz, Inc. pursuant to a written license
;; agreement, and may be stored and used only in accordance with the terms
;; of such license.
;; Restricted Rights Legend
;; ------------------------
;; Use, duplication, and disclosure of the software, data and information
;; contained herein by any agency, department or entity of the U.S.
;; Government are subject to restrictions of Restricted Rights for
;; Commercial Software developed at private expense as specified in
;; DOD FAR Supplement 52.227-7013 (c) (1) (ii), as applicable.
;; $Id:,v 1.16 2007/02/07 01:29:10 dancy Exp $
(in-package :user)
;; Header info table.. mostly stolen from sendmail's conf.c
(defstruct hdrinfo
name ;; including the colon
type) ;; list
(defmacro mkfromhdr (name)
`(make-hdrinfo :name (concatenate 'string ,name ":") :type '(:from)))
(defmacro mktohdr (name)
`(make-hdrinfo :name (concatenate 'string ,name ":") :type '(:to)))
(defparameter *hdrinfos*
(mkfromhdr "resent-sender")
(mkfromhdr "resent-from")
(mkfromhdr "resent-reply-to")
(mkfromhdr "sender")
(mkfromhdr "from")
(mkfromhdr "reply-to")
(mkfromhdr "errors-to")
(mkfromhdr "return-receipt-to")
(mktohdr "to")
(mktohdr "resent-to")
(mktohdr "cc")
(mktohdr "resent-cc")
(mktohdr "bcc")
(mktohdr "resent-bcc")
(mktohdr "apparently-to")))
(defstruct header
(current-line-len 0))
(defparameter *newline-string* (make-string 1 :initial-element #\newline))
(defun add-header-word (h word &key nospace)
(if* (null (header-buffer h))
(setf (header-buffer h) word)
(setf (header-current-line-len h) (length word))
(if* (> (+ (if nospace 0 1)
(length word)
(header-current-line-len h))
(let ((nextline (concatenate 'string " " word)))
(setf (header-buffer h)
(concatenate 'string
(header-buffer h)
(setf (header-current-line-len h)
(length nextline)))
(setf (header-buffer h)
(concatenate 'string
(header-buffer h)
(if nospace "" " ")
(incf (header-current-line-len h)
(+ (if nospace 0 1) (length word))))))
(defun make-x-auth-warning-header (realuser fromaddr)
(let ((h (make-header)))
(dolist (word (list
(format nil "~A:" (fqdn))
realuser "set" "sender" "to"
(if (emailaddr-p fromaddr)
(emailaddr-orig fromaddr)
"using" "-f"))
(add-header-word h word))
(header-buffer h)))
(defun make-date-header ()
(concatenate 'string "Date: " (datetime)))
;; It is okay for gecos to be nil.
;; Called by queue-finalize
(defun make-from-header (addr gecos)
(let ((h (make-header))
(addr (if* (emailnullp addr)
then *mailer-daemon*
else (emailaddr-orig addr))))
(add-header-word h "From:")
(if* gecos
then (add-header-word h (quote-if-necessary gecos))
(add-header-word h (format nil "<~A>" addr))
else (add-header-word h addr))
(header-buffer h)))
(defun make-message-id-header (id)
(multiple-value-bind (second minute hour date month year day daylight-p zone)
(declare (ignore-if-unused second minute hour date month year day daylight-p zone))
(format nil "Message-Id: <~d~2,'0d~2,'0d~2,'0d~2,'0d~2,'0d.~a@~A>"
year month date hour minute second
(defun get-message-id (headers)
(multiple-value-bind (h pos)
(locate-header "Message-ID:" headers)
(if* (null h)
then "<none>"
else (subseq h pos))))
(defun make-received-header (id helo cliaddr esmtp auth-user ssl)
(let ((h (make-header)))
(add-header-word h "Received:")
(when helo
;; Received via SMTP
(add-header-word h "from")
(add-header-word h helo)
(add-header-word h (format nil "(~@[~a ~][~a])"
(ipaddr-to-hostname cliaddr)
(ipaddr-to-dotted cliaddr))))
(add-header-word h "by")
(add-header-word h (fqdn))
(add-header-word h
(format nil "(Allegro Maild ~A)" *allegro-maild-version*))
(when (and esmtp (or auth-user ssl))
(add-header-word h "with")
(add-header-word h (if* (and ssl auth-user)
then "ESMTPSA"
elseif ssl
then "ESMTPS"
elseif auth-user
then "ESMTPA"
else (error "This can never happen"))))
(add-header-word h "id")
(add-header-word h (format nil "~A;" id))
(add-header-word h (datetime))
(header-buffer h)))
(defun datetime ()
(multiple-value-bind (second minute hour date month year day daylight-p zone)
(declare (ignore-if-unused second minute hour date month year day zone))
(if daylight-p
(decf zone))
(let ((zonesign (if (<= zone 0) "+" "-")))
(format nil "~a, ~d ~a ~d ~2,'0d:~2,'0d:~2,'0d ~a~4,'0d"
(svref *abbrev-days-of-week* day)
(svref *abbrev-months* month)
hour minute second
(* (abs zone) 100)))))
;;; nil means it's all whitespace (or null) past startpos
(defun position-of-first-nonspace-character (string &optional (startpos 0))
#'(lambda (char) (member char '(#\space #\tab)))
:start startpos))
(defun header-unfold (curr next)
(let ((startpos (position-of-first-nonspace-character next)))
(if startpos
(concatenate 'string curr " " (subseq next startpos))
(defun header-fold (string)
(let ((words (split-regexp "\\b+" string))
(h (make-header)))
(dolist (word words)
(add-header-word h word))
(split-regexp *newline-string* (header-buffer h))))
(defun valid-header-name-p (string stoppos)
(let (code)
(dotimes (i stoppos t)
(setf code (char-code (schar string i)))
(if (or (< code 33) (> code 126))
(return nil)))))
(defun valid-header-line-p (string endpos &key strict)
(block nil
;; check for continuation-lineness
(if (and (not strict) (>= endpos 1) (whitespace-p (schar string 0)))
(return t))
(let ((colonpos (position #\: string :end endpos)))
(if (null colonpos)
(return nil))
(valid-header-name-p string colonpos))))
;; Returns the first matching header.
(defun locate-header (header headers)
(dolist (h headers nil)
(when (prefix-of-p header h)
(let* ((aftercolonpos (1+ (position #\: h)))
(pos (position-of-first-nonspace-character h aftercolonpos)))
(values h (if pos pos aftercolonpos)))))))
;; Removes all instances
(defun remove-header (header headers)
(remove-if #'(lambda (h) (prefix-of-p header h)) headers))
;; Returns the position of the header data
(defun recip-header-p (header)
(dolist (hi *hdrinfos*)
(if (and (member :to (hdrinfo-type hi))
(prefix-of-p (hdrinfo-name hi) header))
(return (length (hdrinfo-name hi))))))
(defun sender-header-p (header)
(dolist (hi *hdrinfos*)
(if (and (member :from (hdrinfo-type hi))
(prefix-of-p (hdrinfo-name hi) header))
(return (length (hdrinfo-name hi))))))
(defun count-received-headers (headers)
(count-if #'(lambda (h) (prefix-of-p "Received:" h)) headers))