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;; copyright (C) 2003 Franz Inc, Oakland, CA - All rights reserved.
;; The software, data and information contained herein are proprietary
;; to, and comprise valuable trade secrets of, Franz, Inc. They are
;; given in confidence by Franz, Inc. pursuant to a written license
;; agreement, and may be stored and used only in accordance with the terms
;; of such license.
;; Restricted Rights Legend
;; ------------------------
;; Use, duplication, and disclosure of the software, data and information
;; contained herein by any agency, department or entity of the U.S.
;; Government are subject to restrictions of Restricted Rights for
;; Commercial Software developed at private expense as specified in
;; DOD FAR Supplement 52.227-7013 (c) (1) (ii), as applicable.
;; $Id:,v 1.17 2007/05/30 14:09:22 dancy Exp $
(in-package :user)
(defun trusted-user-p (us)
(member us *trusted-users* :test #'equalp))
;; returns (values parsed-from-address from-name real-user)
(defun compute-sender-info (user-fromaddr user-gecos)
(let* ((uid (getuid)) ;; the real uid
(pwent (getpwuid uid))
(auth-warn t)
gecos parsedfromaddr )
(if (null pwent)
(error "I can't figure out who you are! (uid=~D)" uid))
;; It is okay for gecos to end up being nil. This means
;; that no human-friendly name will be in the From:
;; header.
(if* (null user-fromaddr)
(setf user-fromaddr (pwent-name pwent))
(setf gecos (pwent-gecos pwent))
(setf auth-warn nil))
(setf parsedfromaddr
(parse-email-addr user-fromaddr :allow-null t))
(if (null parsedfromaddr)
(error "~A is not a valid address" user-fromaddr))
;; don't need to look up gecos info if the fromaddr
;; is not local.. or if user-gecos is specified.
(if (and (local-domain-p parsedfromaddr) (null user-gecos))
(let ((newpwent
(getpwnam (string-downcase (emailaddr-user parsedfromaddr)))))
(if* newpwent
(setf gecos (pwent-gecos newpwent))
(if (string= (pwent-name pwent) (pwent-name newpwent))
(setf auth-warn nil)))))
(if user-gecos
(setf gecos user-gecos))
(if (trusted-user-p (pwent-name pwent))
(pwent-name pwent))))
;; 'recips' is a (possibly empty) list of recip structs
(defun send-from-stdin (recips &key (dot t) gecos from verbose
grab-recips metoo)
(multiple-value-bind (fromaddr gecos authwarn realuser)
(compute-sender-info from gecos)
(let (q errstatus)
(with-new-queue (q f errstatus fromaddr *localhost*)
;; body doesn't execute if datafile open failed.
(multiple-value-bind (status headers complaint err-string smtp-size)
(read-message-stream *standard-input* f :dot dot)
(declare (ignore err-string))
(if (not (member status '(:eof :dot)))
(error "got status ~s from read-message-stream" status))
(if complaint
(error "~a" complaint))
(if grab-recips
(setf recips
(append recips (grab-recips-from-headers headers))))
(if (null recips)
(error "No recipient addresses found in header"))
(if authwarn
(setf headers
(append headers
(list (make-x-auth-warning-header realuser fromaddr)))))
(queue-prefinalize q recips headers
:metoo metoo
:smtp-size smtp-size)
;; Run message checkers.
(multiple-value-bind (res text checker)
(check-message-checkers q)
(declare (ignore checker))
(ecase res
) ;; all is well
((:transient :reject)
(error "Message rejected: ~A" text))))
;; This marks the message as complete.
(queue-finalize q recips headers
:date t
:add-from t
:from-gecos gecos
:metoo metoo)))
(when errstatus
;; somethin' went wrong. It should already have been logged.
;; Report it to the user and bail out.
(error (second errstatus)))
;; XXX -- this might need changing.
;; I think sendmail goes through and processes local recips
;; and returns immediate errors (dead.letter).. then forks
;; to handle the rest.. which may potentially be slower.
;; For now, we're going to fork for any type of message.
;; Verbosity implies no fork.
(let ((pid (if (or verbose *debug*) 0 (fork))))
(if* (= pid 0)
(if (and (not *debug*) (not verbose))
(queue-process-single (queue-id q) :wait t :verbose t))))))
;; Works right even if there are multiple To:, Cc: or Bcc: headers.
;; Works on folded headers now too.
(defun grab-recips-from-headers (headers)
(let (good-recips pos h nextline)
(while headers
(setf h (pop headers))
(when (recip-header-p h)
(while (setf nextline (pop headers))
(if (or (= 0 (length nextline))
(not (whitespace-p (schar nextline 0))))
(return)) ;; break
(setf h (header-unfold h nextline)))
;; get here if nextline wasn't there.. or if it was
;; the beginning of a new header
(if nextline
(push nextline headers))
(setf pos (recip-header-p h))
(when pos
(setf good-recips
(nconc good-recips
(get-good-recips-from-string h :pos pos))))))
(defmacro msg-too-large-p (count)
`(and *maxmsgsize* (> *maxmsgsize* 0) (> ,count *maxmsgsize*)))
;; called from send-from-stdin, smtp-data
(defun read-message-stream (s bodystream &key smtp dot)
(read-message-stream-inner s bodystream :smtp smtp :dot dot)
(finish-output bodystream)
(fsync bodystream))) ;; Try to make sure the data file is really on disk.
;; Returns:
;; Termination reason (:eof or :dot)
;; List of header lines
;; Error keyword (or nil)
;; Error string (or nil)
;; (Over)estimated message size (As it would be transmitted via SMTP).
(defun read-message-stream-inner (s bodystream &key smtp dot)
(let ((count 0)
(size 0)
(doingheaders t)
(firstline t)
(buffer (make-string *maxdatalinelen*))
(if smtp
(setf dot t))
(multiple-value-bind (endpos maxed)
(read-message-stream-line s buffer
:timeout (if smtp *datatimeout*))
(when (or (eq endpos :eof) (and dot
(not lastincomplete)
(= endpos 1)
(char= (schar buffer 0) #\.)
(setf endpos :dot)))
(if* headers-too-big
then (return
(format nil "Headers too large (~d max)" *maxheadersize*)))
elseif (msg-too-large-p count)
then (return
(format nil "Message exceeds maximum fixed size (~D)"
else (return
(values endpos (nreverse headers) nil nil size))))
(incf count endpos)
(incf size (+ endpos 2)) ;; +2 to account for CR/LF
(if* doingheaders
;; Special case. Messages that begin w/ a Unix
;; mailbox "From " separator have the separator
;; stripped.
((and firstline (match-re "^From " buffer :end endpos))
;; Just ignore it
((and firstline
(not (valid-header-line-p buffer endpos :strict t)))
(setf doingheaders nil)
bodystream buffer endpos count
:nonewline maxed
:smtp smtp))
(if (not headers-too-big)
(push (concatenate 'string
(pop headers) (subseq buffer 0 endpos))
((= endpos 0) ;; blank line
(setf doingheaders nil)
(if (null headers)
(write-char #\newline bodystream)))
((valid-header-line-p buffer endpos)
(if (not headers-too-big)
(push (subseq buffer 0 endpos) headers)))
(t ;; non-header
(setf doingheaders nil)
bodystream buffer endpos count
:nonewline maxed
:smtp smtp)))
(setf firstline nil)
(if (> count *maxheadersize*)
(setf headers-too-big t))
;; doing body.
bodystream buffer endpos count
:nonewline maxed
:smtp smtp))
(setf lastincomplete maxed)))))
(defun read-message-stream-write-body (s buffer endpos count
&key nonewline smtp)
(when (not (msg-too-large-p count))
buffer s
:start (if* (and smtp (match-re "^\\.\\." buffer :end endpos))
then 1
else 0)
:end endpos)
(if (null nonewline)
(write-char #\newline s))))
(defun read-message-stream-line (s buffer &key timeout)
(with-socket-timeout (s :read timeout)
(read-message-stream-line-inner s buffer)))
(defun read-message-stream-line-inner (s buffer)
(let ((pos 0)
(max (length buffer))
(when (>= pos max)
(unread-char lastchar s)
(return (values (1- pos) :max)))
(setf char (read-char s nil nil))
;;; if we're in the middle of a line, treat EOF as EOL
(if (null char)
(return (if (= pos 0) :eof pos)))
(when (eq char #\linefeed)
(if (and (eq lastchar #\return) (> pos 0))
(decf pos))
(return pos))
(setf (schar buffer pos) char)
(setf lastchar char)
(incf pos))))
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